Sick and tired of ‘racism’ claims


Racism, according to Webster, is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Very few if any of the racist accusations thrown about so liberally actually can be validated, inasmuch as most of us cannot see into the heart and intentions of others to know what prejudices they may really hold.

I am a well-educated person with a career several years behind me where I dealt with organizations and people, and I’ll assure you there is no one without a good deal of personal prejudices. Maybe it’s attributable to past experiences with ill-behaved children, old crotchety people, people with immoral propensities – you know what I mean – people you simply would rather not associate with.

Like it or not, this prejudice is a normal human trait and often is not ameliorated until something happens to affect familiarity. Once we get to know a person of another race, ethnicity or background, most of our inherent biases subside.

I’m sick and tired of our public figures claiming racial animosity every time they have a disagreement with another person, especially in a public arena. It obviously is used as the ultimate insult and in our unfortunate current climate a charge of racism seems to be the first and most effective invective they can think of to use.

Based on my observation of what I hear on TV, read in the papers and on the internet, racism must be a currently horrible endemic plague in our country. However, I believe for most of our disagreements racism is not a real factor. I also believe the more often the accusation of racism is invoked, the worse our society will become and the greater the risk that our natural divisions will permanently damage our ability to understand and tolerate normal human differences.

I am sick and tired of people blaming racism for everything! Get over it!

John Groves


Hartford Speedway is a gem worth seeing


As a lover of dirt track racing, I just have to reach out. This past Friday I was at Hartford Speedway just like I am on any race night. My problem is that less and less people are in the grandstands enjoying the racing with me. This is some of the cheapest entertainment available in this area. You can’t get two ice cream cones for the price of an adult ticket, and kids under 10 are free.

Many hours of work go into putting on the weekly show. The majority of the folks helping there have full-time jobs. The owners both have full-time jobs and still make time to ensure that things are ready for fans, drivers and crews come race night. Every evening four to five people are there for a few hours getting the track prepped as Mother Nature allows or dictates.

Today at work three people asked me, “How were the races Friday night?” I told the second two that if they had been there they wouldn’t have to ask.

So I’m asking you folks out there to come out and see a great racing facility, fantastic staff and caring owners for yourself. And some of the best racing you will see anywhere in all classes.

Greg Myrkle


Thanks for supporting school reunion


On behalf of the Buchanan Area Rural Schools committee, I wish to thank the many businesses that contributed to our reunion. Thanks to their generosity, it was a huge success.

Don Holmes