Michigan fails its schools


State funding of public schools has failed Michigan’s children. That’s the conclusion of a 91-page major research report released in January by the College of Education at Michigan State University. The report, “Michigan School Finance at the Crossroads.” details what happened 25 years after state legislation shifted financial responsibility away from local districts and to the state, all in the guise of property tax relief.

After reading each section, I became more and more disgusted with the stingy action of legislators who systematically strangled state aid year after year, denying administrators and teachers the tools they needed to do the job, while at the same time, requiring them to show standardized test gains in order to receive pay raises. Most egregious is what happened to cripple the education of children with disabilities, our most vulnerable group of students.

One doesn’t have to ask which political party was responsible. That should be obvious. As a result, Michigan now ranks 50th, or last, among the states in school funding growth since 1995. Shame on legislators, past and present, who supported this deliberate and sadistic assault on Michigan educators, parents and children.

Barbara Pellegrini

Benton Harbor

Deficit is scarier than Trump’s boogeymen


I’m an old man who loves my two children and four grandchildren. My worries for them have little to do about Mexican killers, rapists, etc., coming across the border.

My worries are about how they will have to pay off the terrible deficit coming from the current administration and Senate. The spending is going way out of control.

And I noticed that nothing was mentioned about this when our esteemed president gave his speech Tuesday night.

As he is so rich and can hire illegal immigrants, he just doesn’t seem to care about most Americans, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck.

David Alan Abbey

Royalton Township