Sick people shouldn’t need to have fundraisers


The recent news of Bill Teichman contracting Eastern equine encephalitis is sad and alarming to his family and community. This tragedy is made even worse by the immense cost of recovery.

Like many other families, the Teichmans have resorted to GoFundMe to help with the medical bills. A disturbing fact is that nearly half of the money raised by crowd sourcing sites such as GoFundMe and YouCaring goes towards medical expenses. Is this what now passes for health care in America, the charity of others because of inadequate insurance?

If America was ever brave enough to adopt the “Improved Medicare for All Act” in Congress, Bernie Sander’s S.1804 in the Senate and Pramila Jayapal’s H.R. 1384 in the House, all medical cost would be covered with no out-of-pocket cost whatsoever. Of course taxes will be increased to fund this system; however, for the average taxpayer one’s total health care costs, including the increased taxes, would go down. No more expensive insurance premiums, no more co-pays or deductibles or caps. Plus this plan would include all Americans, not only those who can afford it.

Wouldn’t that be better than objecting to higher taxes and having to rely on charity to avoid bankruptcy because one gets sick?

Dale Van Doornik

Hagar Township

Beach littered with unwelcoming signs


What a wonderful, beautiful, inviting shoreline South Haven’s Lake Michigan once was. Today – not so much, as it is littered with “No Trespassing” signs of all shapes and colors, uglier than any human footprint I’ve ever encountered.

Shame on the homeowners. Shame on the city. Shame on all who cannot share a stretch of sand that should belong to all.

Susan Butler

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Good Samaritans were there to help


Recently my mom and I were attending a wedding at Sundance Studios in Millburg and while crossing the road my mom fell in the road. A woman in a white car and a gentleman in a orange car stopped to assist in getting my mom to stand up and to walk across the road.

I did not get their names, but we really appreciate the assistance from both of them. The woman even stayed to make sure mom was OK before leaving. Again, we would like to thank them.

Jayne Kollig

Bonita Springs, Fla.