SH leaders not sincere about affordable housing


Sunday’s article claiming “Affordable housing a priority for community leaders” in South Haven makes longtime residents who oppose short-term commercial tourist rentals in our neighborhoods roll our eyes in disgust at such ridiculous posturing. No one locally actually believes this.

Residents have fought very hard against city planning and zoning changes that have devastated the affordable family housing that long enriched our neighborhoods and community. The city of South Haven is the perpetrator, partner and benefactor (property taxes) of this destruction, not the hero.

Our traditional, centuries-old zoning was recently changed so that there is no longer a single residential neighborhood protected from commercial short-term tourist rental. Housing that used to be available for families of all socio-economic ranges has all but disappeared. What used to be affordable, family housing is now owned by Realtors, developers and out-of-town owners for eight to 10 weeks of expensive tourist rental and sits empty the rest of the year.

Much affordable family neighborhood housing is being bulldozed and replaced with large rental party houses holding 12-16 high-paying strangers changing out every few days. The City Council knows this and supports this, and disingenuous posturing in your paper and paying for academic consultants won’t change these facts. If affordable housing is “at the top of our priority list,” as Mayor Scott Smith says, then South Haven needs to restore R1 residential neighborhoods for families, period. It’s that simple.

Elaine Herbert

South Haven

Trump’s responses to probe were justified


Since the Mueller report was issued, liberals are now suffering withdrawal symptoms resulting from having their daily fix of “Trump colluded with the Russians” taken away from them. Desperate to avoid going cold turkey, they have moved the goal posts and are now easing their pain with the methadone-like substitute of “Trump obstructed justice by trying to stop Mueller’s collusion investigation.”

There is one person who knew with absolute certainty that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. That person was Donald J. Trump.

So I ask you, if you are being investigated for something that you know you’re not guilty of, is it unlawful obstruction of justice for you to loudly object to that investigation? Put another way, if you were wrongly accused of robbing a bank, would you object to a two-year investigation trying to prove your guilt, or would you sit calmly by and allow the defamation of your character and the smearing of your name to go unanswered?

Thomas McCort

New Troy

Pray for America on May 2


In 1952, when President Truman signed the congressional resolution establishing an annual day of prayer in our nation, he encouraged citizens to “beseech God to grant us wisdom to know the course we should follow, and strength and patience to pursue the course steadfastly.” Although many years have passed, we still need to acknowledge afresh the sovereignty of Almighty God and our need to ask for his guidance, corporately and individually.

The National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 2.

What a privilege it is to call the people of our great land to prayer.

Please find a location in your town and join in prayer for the healing of our nation.

Dawn Consolino