Trump’s cruelty is not worth celebrating


There was no collusion. None. Not between Trump’s evangelical base and traditional Christian values anyway. You will never find a supporter quoting Jesus to justify a Trump policy. Never.

Why do evangelicals turn a blind eye to Trump’s inhumane treatment of children at the border? What inspires Trump supporters to be their “best German” and look the other way? Martin Kirk summed it up nicely for us in his recent letter. After rejoicing in the cruelty of Trump’s words, Kirk writes: “It is actually funny and why real Republicans and Americans love him so much.” What has Donald Trump shown us that evokes such fealty from his supporters?

1) Greed. 2) Pride. 3) Lust. 4) Gluttony. 5) Sloth. 6) Envy. 7) Wrath.

Trump is no “Paul on the road to Damascus.” He is a small man who enjoys being cruel. Cruelty comes from weakness. According to Martin Kirk, Trump’s comment: “...was why we elected him.” Trump supporters voted their values.

Our founders believed free speech and political criticism are the bedrock of democracy. Accordingly, the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees free speech for all of us. Martin Kirk is un-American. He believes the First Amendment guarantee of free speech only applies to Trump supporters and Russian propagandists. The rest of us, he says, can “...go back where we came from.”

Kirk is no patriot. He disgraced the uniform he wore and the oath he took to “...defend the Constitution...” when he abandoned American values and the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Licking President Bone-Spur’s boots does not make one a patriot.

Anthony Marsala

Benton Harbor

Keep golf carts off the streets


Golf carts are named thusly for a very obvious reason: They are meant to be driven within the confines of a golf course.

Recently a well-known local realtor began circulating a petition to get support for legalizing the use of golf carts on our community streets. The petition also suggested lowering the speed limit on the Blossomland Bridge so that these vehicles would be allowed to drive across it.

Apparently he supports the current practice of allowing unsupervised, unlicensed, underage young people with no clue of road etiquette, to drive overloaded golf carts on beachfront area roads with 18-wheelers hauling cement, cars and trucks speeding to and from work, large construction vehicles and all manner of lost and distracted tourists. It is really mind-boggling and very scary to witness, very literally an accident waiting to happen. What a heartbreaking scenario if someone’s child were to be hurt or killed by this willful disregard of the law.

Our public safety officers need to enforce the current laws which prohibit the use of golf carts on our streets to keep all of us safe and traffic moving smoothly.

Liz Glendening

St. Joseph

What if Jesus’ family was blocked at the border?


Throughout biblical history are numerous stories of the Jewish people seeking refuge in other countries. The most important story for the Christian church would be St. Joseph seeking refuge in Egypt after the birth of Jesus.

Herod ordered the killing of every baby boy in his jurisdiction under the age of 2 years. St. Joseph headed to Egypt to keep Jesus from being killed. If Egypt had strict border enforcement, they would have said, “St. Joseph, you have to turn around and go back to your country and take your chances surviving Herod’s slaughter. Good Luck!” Jesus gets killed, and we have no Christian church.

But what happens is, St. Joseph works in Egypt – being a skilled woodworker, there’s plenty to do. Once he finds out that Herod is dead and it is safe to go back to Nazareth, St. Joseph returns home and gets to work. As Herod the Great is on a building spree, building many temples and other great buildings dedicated to himself, St. Joseph has plenty of work.

David Slavicek

Benton Harbor

BHAS should take down tattered flag


I’m really disappointed in the administration of Benton Harbor Area Schools. I’ve contacted them twice since the first part of June that the flag flying outside the Hull School on Territorial Road is tattered and needs to be taken down. Here it is the end of July and the tattered flag is still up!

This is teaching the younger generation that they don’t need to have respect for the symbol of our free country! That they can leave the flag up until the wind shreds it up so bad that it just comes apart and flies away in the wind. They are so far in debt that they can’t even have a maintenance person go out and take the flag down, let alone buy a new flag to put up.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I live in the Benton Harbor school district and pay taxes to help support the failing school system.

Ken Schneider

Eau Claire

‘West Side Story’ performance was great


Bravo and congrats to every last person who brought us a magnificent performance of “West Side Story.” How fortunate we are to have such wonderful talent in Southwest Michigan. Leonard Bernstein would be proud of your production.

Gary McCormick

St. Joseph