Congressional Republicans must curb gun violence


Another mass shooting in Texas, this incident apparently set off by a routine traffic stop resulting in seven deaths and another 19 wounded. The shooter was finally killed after a lengthy period of random drive-by shooting reportedly using an AR-15 style long-gun.

Key politicians rushed to provide their perfunctory messages of grief. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated that he was “heartbroken over this senseless and cowardly attack.” Vice President Pence said he had spoken to Trump about the situation and that: “Our hearts break” for the shooting victims, and the administration remains “absolutely determined to work with leaders in both parties and the Congress to take such steps so that we can address and confront this scourge of mass atrocities.”

Heard this all before! Once any legislative action plan to truly address the situation is discussed, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA will come calling and that will terminate any such action.

The only way that Republicans in Congress will pass meaningful gun violence prevention legislation is if their constituents demand it. Please contact Fred Upton and express your strong support for legislative action to curb the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

I hope everyone reading this letter had the chance to see the letter of August 28 by Gretta Van Bree on common sense gun laws. Ms. Van Bree is absolutely correct in her conclusion: “Warfare weaponry is far too available in this country. There is an urgent need for much stronger background checks for all gun purchases, limits on the size of ammunition magazines, and a ban on semi-automatic weapons, supported by a buy-back plan for those already in circulation.”

Politicians who refuse to take meaningful actions to curb the bloodshed must be booted out of office.

Ed Shaffer


Don’t deport critically ill immigrants


Recently it was revealed that now Donald Trump has decided to deport critically ill immigrants that are here receiving life-saving medical treatment. In the past, these illegal immigrants were granted permission to stay and receive medical help, usually unavailable in their own countries. The new policy states these individuals have 33 days to leave the country, no exceptions. This includes children.

Let me be clear: Donald Trump is deporting children receiving medical care for illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and cancer. Children. This new policy was not released publicly, it had to be found out by WBUR, public radio from Boston.

Since this is now public knowledge, I expect every Republican who claims to back the Right to Life movement to stand up publicly and decry this cruel and totally unnecessary policy. If nothing else Trump has done has moved the Republican party to stand up to him, surely this will.

First to speak up should be Fred Upton. I hope to see a statement from his office soon.

Elizabeth Gravitt


Newspaper carrier deserves an award


As change approaches in how The Herald-Palladium will be delivered, I’m hoping an award has been established for “Newspaper Carrier Extraordinaire” and that it is bestowed upon Curt Simmons.

He has, for many years, performed the service in an exceedingly professional manner: Subscribers have been able to rely upon a consistent delivery time regardless of weather conditions; we are notified of any potential schedule changes; and, placement of the paper is personalized, based on the subscriber’s preference.

Finally, what I am certain is above and beyond the job description, my paper is placed through the mail slot in the door, accompanied by a dog biscuit to prevent my being awakened by a barking dog. This morning ritual will be missed.

Judy Pierson

St. Joseph