No one owes Trump an apology


A recent letter writer asked “what the Democrats and media will do if they find nothing again? Will they apologize to Trump? Will they apologize to the American people for the waste of taxpayer money?” Allow me to answer for myself, a voting, thinking American.

There was no worry about wasted money when the Republicans took to retrial on Benghazi dozens of times – with no action against Mrs. Clinton. But Mueller, as the writer penned, has resulted in dozens of indictments and jail time for some of the president’s top handlers. The list of findings by the Mueller investigation is indeed lengthy, and thanks to the writer for listing a few or his accomplishments in the world wide search. Getting information from foreign sources is often slow and tedious, yet he stuck to his assignment – probe.

The author thinks indicting foreigners is a waste of time, I could not disagree more – we cannot ignore these attacks. We have been attacked by a foreign country and this cannot go without action. Until we are certain as to the depth of the Russian interference, we must continue asking how they got into our system. “No collusion” is a joke and anyone who has read (even the redacted form of) this report must be concerned with the actions of this president. Ironic that of the two counties the Russians were capable of entering in the 2016 election is the home of Mar-a-Lago.

As to an apology, that should be given and not received by 45. I will only accept 45’s stepping down, as he has never apologized – it is not part of his character – more likely to lie and bully. And no way anyone owes this person an apology. But I am sorry that he has destroyed the class and structure of the GOP and taken our country from the apex of world influence to being a joke around the world.

I also must acknowledge the other author the past Sunday who wrote to the heart of this matter. “Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy.” Obstruction is obvious as the president and his party are trying to cover up the president’s actions. When we see his involvement with laundering Russian mob money, maybe then his sycophants will realize they have been had. It is not that difficult to just say, “I was wrong and this TV personality is not a good or successful businessman, but rather a narcissistic toddler who inherited $400 million and yet bankrupted six times, who claims to be a family man while paying bribes to porn stars, who claims to be a pro-lifer, but has paid for a reported nine abortions, a braggart that will not back up his wealth claim with his tax returns – he is n what I thought.”

But unfortunately he is what I think, and my fellow citizens accepting the obvious lies he spews is also a concern, as he is dragging our fine country into the gilded gutter he lives in. Please stand up and speak out, don’t be his victim.

William Sullivan

St Joseph

Let’s learn how to have civil discussions


The recent public forum on civil discourse, as described in The Herald-Palladium the next day (May 16), was a big step forward in learning how people with different views can productively discuss difficult issues. Thanks to the panelists and to all who attended and participated in those discussions.

Much credit for developing and presenting the program goes to the forum’s co-sponsors: the OutCenter of Southwest Michigan and the Rebecca Dewey Three Oaks Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The League of Women Voters of Berrien and Cass Counties is grateful for the opportunity to work with those organizations on this and future civil discourse programs.

Marilyn Klawiter


Recognize the truth: Abortion is murder


If you heard of someone chopping up little puppies or kittens you would be angry. It is against the law and the person responsible should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Every day little babies are being chopped up and discarded but it is not against the law, even though it is murder. The Supreme Court and scientists have agreed that at the moment of conception a baby is a baby, not a dog, a blob of tissue, or a frog. It is a human person, a baby. Where is the outcry to save these unprotected humans from being chopped up and murdered? Why aren’t the politicians recognizing the fact that abortions are murders of real people?

Vote your conscience.

Virginia Sansone

Benton Harbor

LaSata’s comments were disturbing


While her own experience was heartbreaking, I was saddened and appalled to read Sen. Kim  LaSata’s callous comments about women who are experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

Julie Williams

Benton Harbor