Thank God for our local heroes


Our brave men and women of the North Berrien Fire and Rescue Department plunged headway into a burning, smoke-filled building without any concern for their own welfare and safety. They did not know what to expect. The roof could collapse on them, the floor could give way, and every time they answer any call, they are putting their lives at stake.

We recently experienced a devastating fire at our family restaurant. Without the quick action of the first responders, the building could have been a complete loss. As it is, we suffered extensive damage to the interior. We will rebuild and open as soon as humanly possible. Our hearts go out first to our very dedicated, long-time employees for this loss of employment during this period. And secondly, to our very loyal and wonderful customers who have supported us through the 62 years in business at the same location – our local residents who support us all year, and of course our seasonal customers, with over three generations of families that have graced us with their support, they are all our extended family.

A sincere thank you to Fire Chief Mike Mattix and the outstanding men and women of the North Berrien Fire and Rescue. Also, a very special thank you the mutual aid from the Benton Charter Township and Covert fire departments who were immediately on the scene to offer assistance if needed; such a comforting sight. And finally, a huge thank you to the citizen who saw the smoke and called 911 which saved precious time.

We will rebuild with the same family atmosphere that we have provided for the past 62 years.

Next time you see a firefighter, a police officer, a paramedic, military personnel active or veteran, tell them thanks, and God bless them, for they are our real heroes.

Izzy DiMaggio

On behalf of the DiMaggio family

Hagar Township