A neighborly welcome to Southwest Michigan


A good newspaper and neighbors have made our new home in Southwest Michigan complete.

My wife, children and I appreciate the immediate graciousness we have been shown, especially from Joe and Cathy Oliver. They shared a fork, a phone and food over the course of days as I fixed up the house and got it “move in” ready for my family. They have shared local wisdom, offered help and each day deliver us The HP when they are finished so we can get familiar with regional information.

On Aug. 22 they celebrated 60 years of marriage, and I ask all the readers to help me give a moment now to appreciate all those who are good to us. Thank you, neighbors, and thank you, HP, for a great newspaper.

Claude Chandler


Legislators driving in the slow lane


At the rate that our state legislators are looking into finding a way to pay for the fixing of our roads, it will be into the next century and all of our roads will be back to gravel. On some of M-139 from Main Street in Benton Harbor south to just past I-94 interchange, the road looks like a war zone with all the big and deep chuckholes.

I’m guessing that the tire dealers and the car repair dealers are reaping in profits coming from the potholes and chuckholes. They probably have lobbyists to bribe our state legislators to keep it off the books.

I’ve heard that Michigan has the worst roads in the country, plus having the highest auto insurance in the country, too! That’s not very good publicity for our state for trying to lure the college graduates to want and stay in Michigan and look for jobs.

Ken Schneider

Eau Claire