Immigrants deserve more than heartless contempt


This is in response to the Friday, Aug. 2, letter to the editor from Al Prillwitz regarding “Democrats represent threat to Constitution.” I am a Democrat, so I may be tainted; however, this is my take on the subject.

Many people who were downtrodden and suffering persecution in their homeland dreamed of coming to America for the freedoms and opportunities provided those people living in the United States. I don’t think Mr. Prillwitz’s family is indigenous to this country. I think his roots are elsewhere like the rest of us. I suggest he ask the Native Americans what they think of the Bible-believing Christians and salvation-preaching ministers who paved the way for the founding fathers to create the United States Constitution and sovereignty.

The United States Constitution provides for freedom of speech for everyone, citizens or not.

You have used your right of freedom of speech to show your heartless contempt for those people of different color or religion who came to this country fleeing people just like you in their homeland.

I would like to hear the conversation when you meet your maker. Even though I am a retired defense attorney, I cannot come up with a viable defense for your conduct – plead guilty and ask for mercy.

Andrew Burch

St. Joseph