We can only be ‘great’ when we reject Trumpism


By any standard, Donald Trump is a racist. Even worse, he uses his racism for what he believes to be his own political gain. But what about the rest of us? Who among us can truly say that they do not harbor some degree of preference for their own race in matters such as where to live, whom to marry and which groups to socialize with? There is abundant scientific, historical and sociological evidence that human beings, like many other species have these instincts built into their genes. So why, then, if this is true, should any of us strive to reject racism at all levels?

It is because we have evolved (or been given, if you prefer) the brains and the capacity to do so. Our intelligence enables us to feel love, compassion and empathy and gives us the curiosity to want to learn about and from people who look, speak and believe differently than we do. The countless benefits of inclusion should be overwhelmingly obvious to everyone. It is to our advantage economically, culturally and spiritually to entirely reject racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance. Quite simply, our all-around prosperity and well-being depend on it.

Tragically, we have somehow managed to put in place a “leader” who neither possesses nor comprehends what is meant by “humanity.” His instincts, words and actions are guided solely by self-interest and fundamental stupidity. His only hope of prevailing is to divide us against one another, and in this it is with profound sadness and alarm that I acknowledge he appears to be succeeding.

If America is, ever was or will be “great,” it is because most of us reject everything that Trumpism stands for. Call it what you want: cross-culturalism, ethnic inclusion, multiracialism, heterogeneity or diversity – our collective differences are our greatest attribute and our greatest strength. And ridding ourselves of Trump in 2020 or, hopefully, sooner, will take working together with everything we’ve got.

Scott Elliott

Benton Harbor