Bikers should use the bike paths when available


I was grateful to read Lisa Altman’s letter regarding her concerns about cyclists on the open road (“Give cyclists a break and share the road,” May 31). I am also concerned about public safety.

Lisa should share this letter with her local triathlon club, Tri-Avengers. I live in the Edgewater District of St. Joseph and frequently see cyclists riding on M-63, a four-lane state highway that, in my neighborhood, includes a bike path on the west side of the road. Please remind your members that in this area, approaching downtown St. Joseph, they need to use the bike paths. This is a high traffic area with a 50 mph limit. It greatly concerns me to see cyclists on this road when they could easily access the paths.

For safety’s sake, there is a St. Joseph city ordinance requesting cyclists to walk their bikes across the Blossomland Bridge over the St. Joseph River channel. Many cyclists have injured themselves riding on the drawbridge instead of walking their bikes on the sidewalks.

There are miles of bike/walking paths in Edgewater that have been developed over a period of nearly two decades; more paths are planned. Please use them. Everyone involved needs to make a conscious effort to be considerate for safety’s sake.

Kathy Zerler

St. Joseph

A salute to The HP and the work it does


The Herald-Palladium recently offered the opportunity to write about losing an envelope with $460 cash belonging to Real Heroes USA (a 501(c)3 charity). Thankfully, the money was returned by a Good Samaritan before I could pen a letter to the editor. Since then, I’ve been thinking of The HP’s management policy. What drives community newspapers’ defeating the rising cost of newspaper delivery?

I recently enjoyed my 81st birthday. As a kid in junior high, I delivered local and regional newspapers. St. Joseph published a hometown newspaper across the street from the old Harlow Theater. Since that time, newspapers merged and some went out of business. The best part is – Berrien County has a management team that is ready, willing and able to deliver a world-class paper to your door. My Herald-Palladium is dropped off early, every day, outside my door. If you’re reading this letter, it originated as a “letter to the editor” in the award-winning Herald-Palladium newspaper. How lucky we are to have The HP!

Occasionally this fan has heard grumbling voices carp about small-sized newspapers and cost increases. I recall when bread and milk were only 5 to 10 cents at Annie’s Market. You and your family’s education is a lifetime journey; the price is right. Today’s newspaper management must be more than skilled wordsmith editors or printers; they are businessmen and market-makers in a competitive world of electronic media. Did you ever consider the personal writing skill each HP staff writer employs to publish the news of Berrien County, or, a story about you?

Don’t complain about issues that give you pause; either compromise or offer a good-reasoned solution to objections. Changes are useful, and for the better good. That’s why The Herald-Palladium is a reasoned value – then and now!

Congratulations to The Herald-Palladium owners, editors and dedicated staff.

R. Bryce Glenn


Trump, Barr both misrepresent Mueller report


It appears that Robert Mueller felt compelled to hold a news briefing on his Russia investigation report due to the misleading spins on the document that continue to come from Attorney General William Barr and the Trump White House.

A very key moment in that appearance was Mr. Mueller reiterating his finding that the DID NOT conclude that the president could be exonerated. In Mueller’s words: “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

In his usual manner, Trump followed with a series of false statements, among which were that Mr. Mueller wanted to be reappointed as director of the FBI and that he should never have been appointed special counsel because he is a “never Trumper.” Both of these claims have been debunked.

However, the president may have uttered something truthful with his “never Trumper” accusation, but for a different reason. Mr. Mueller deals only in facts, is not one to use personal attacks to vilify those who contest his opinions, places the integrity of our democracy above personal gain, and most importantly, is truthful. Such attributes are completely missing in the current president and his administration.

Due to the multiple instances of Trump enabler AG Barr creating false summaries of the report, Mr. Mueller wrote a corrective letter and now has spoken publicly on the matter. In his talk, Mueller emphasized that our country was attacked by a hostile foreign government for the purpose of helping to elect Donald Trump and that Trump repeatedly tried to obstruct the investigation of that attack. Trump’s claim that the Mueller report “completely exonerated” him is a lie.

It is very clear that the phrase “Department of Justice” has become an oxymoron under Barr’s leadership. Both he and Trump deserve to be impeached.

Donald Holmes