Identity politics is insult to freedom-fighters


My wife is a first generation American. My father immigrated with his birth family. My mother’s lineage goes back many generations. One survived Valley Forge, his brother did not. Some served in the Army of the Potomac and four of my uncles served in WWII. One was hit on D-Day and woke up six weeks later in a hospital in his native Belfast. Another was hit and never was able to put the nightmare behind him – he is resting in Arlington. My father and his family took great pride in saying they were Americans.

Young Americans have been fighting for freedom, for liberty since the revolution. They’ve fought kings, rebels, dictators, communist oligarchs and now religious fanatics. They’ve been maimed and killed on battlefields all over the planet. Black, white, yellow, brown – they’ve come from the four corners of the earth. They have obeyed the orders of elected officials who have made many mistakes, sometimes grievous, but still young people step forward to wear an American uniform – to fight for the flag. They are my sons and daughters – all of them – soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen.

When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, Port Authority and New York City police and firefighters charged into those buildings to save as many as possible and they died by the dozens. Three thousand innocent people were murdered by madmen. Those people were my flesh and blood, I claim them all. Christian, Muslim, Buddhists – all died and thousands of us are forever traumatized.

They did not distinguish between Democrats and Republicans; liberals and conservatives. As an independent voter, I am revolted by the descent into identity politics today. During WWII, Russia was busy infiltrating our country even as we were sending them the tools of war through lend-lease, and opening a second front in Europe to lessen the pressure of the German hordes. Joe McCarthy was a drunken fool, but he was not completely wrong about the problem. In the 20th century and into the present, Russian leaders have tried to replace America on the world stage – they are not stopping now. Of course they tried to affect the 2016 election and will tilt at 2020. Obama cooperated because he did not dream that a non-politician could derail the crowning of the Chosen One. Because of the bumbling campaign of a greedy, dishonest and self-serving political hack who can never accept her own culpability, we are faced with the all-consuming attempt of the media and establishment politicos to nullify the 2016 election.

I realize that the Associated Press is all in anti-Trump, but I read several different newspapers and see articles that do not insert negative blurbs into every national news story. Our congressman had a closer vote this time because of the constant assault by TV news (the chosen information source for many mellinials) and supposedly neutral and left-leaning newspapers.

R.J. Ferguson

St. Joseph

Senator is no help in fight for liquor license


My wife, who is a small-business owner, and I are fighting a Michigan law that I’m sure was enacted with good intentions. However it is not an all-encompassing blanket that properly covers all situations.

My wife’s business, to run at it’s full potential, needs a class C liquor license. I am a police officer in the same area. This law prohibits the spouse of a police officer from holding a liquor license. That the state has the authority to limit what one does for a living based solely on who one’s spouse is, in itself is oppression at best. But the state is also questioning my integrity as a police officer to uphold my duties to my community, which is also very offensive.

Possibly the most frustrating part is the multitude of phone calls and emails we have sent to our recently-elected state senator, Kim Lasata, who thus far has not been able to find the time to respond to us regarding this matter. She stood in my wife’s shop when she needed votes to get her job. But now that she is here to represent us, the voters, she is too busy to reach out to us. I’m sure at some point she will need votes again to keep this job. Her lack of attention given will directly affect my lack of attention during the next election.

Bruce McKamey

Three Oaks