Upton chose party over country


To say I was disappointed when Congressman Upton voted “no” on the resolution to begin a formal impeachment inquiry would be an understatement. This vote was a clear demonstration of prioritization of party over country.

Mr. Trump has made it clear he has no problem asking foreign governments to investigate his political rivals. This “getting dirt” on a rival from a foreign source violates the Constitution, and using military aid as leverage constitutes both an abuse of power and a risk to national security (Ukraine is an important ally). Thursday’s resolution outlined procedures for open testimony on the matter, with equal time for questioning of witnesses by members of both parties. These procedures follow those outlined by Republicans in the Clinton impeachment.

As this process proceeds, I hope Mr. Upton will separate himself from the president and stand up for what is right. Mr. Upton should publicly state if he feels it is right or wrong for the president to bribe foreign governments to become involved in our election. Which side of history does he want to be on?

Nancy Buckleitner

St. Joseph