It’s time for Upton to go


Rep. Fred Upton has done no service to his constituents in his unwavering support of Donald Trump. Consider the terrible ravages of climate change that have devoured local beaches, left houses and roads falling into the lake, and sacrificed the area’s tourism industry – while Mr. Trump can’t even fill the relevant cabinet positions to address those problems.

And then there are industrial jobs – or the lack of them. There was a day that workers could point with pride to Mr. Upton’s grandfather and great-uncle who would walk through the plant and greet them by name. Nowadays there aren’t manufacturing jobs and few people would recognize Mr. Upton on his occasional forays into southwestern Michigan.

While Mr. Trump boasts of gains in the stock market, the average southwestern Michigan resident doesn’t own any stocks at all – but has to face the constant increases of prices for everything he/she uses daily.

No, Fred, you’ve made enough money. Let somebody else try to serve your constituents more effectively.

Joy Rogers

Estero, Fla.

Republicans play into Putin’s hand


The announcement of U.S. “troop withdrawal” from Syria was met with a new agreement between Turkey and Russia. This appears to be an advantage to Russian leader Putin.

Turkey plans to purchase S-400 fighter jets and a missile defense system from Russia, a strange move for a so-called ally of the U.S. Advantage: Mr. Putin.

Oddly, no one in the administration has mentioned much about the approximately 50 “B-61” nuclear weapons that Turkey has stored for the U. S. at the Incirlik Air Base, a mere 20 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. It seems the U.S. is in a “Catch-22” situation in regard to these weapons, especially with Russian leader Putin in the mix. Advantage: Mr. Putin.

Suppose Putin makes a deal with Turkey they can’t refuse and Russia gains control of these U.S. weapons to use as a bargaining chip?

The Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, negotiated between Ronald Reagan and Russian leader Gorbachev, eliminated intermediate-range nuclear weapons. So, instead of using the treaty to bring Russia into compliance and bringing China, North Korea and India into the agreement, the treaty was scrapped by the administration. Advantage: Mr. Putin.

Digressing to the Russia investigation and possible Russian interference in the 2016 election, the administration called it a “witch hunt” in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary from U.S. intelligence agencies. Advantage: Mr. Putin, who is on the same page as Republicans.

The “revelation” during recent impeachment hearings that Ukraine supposedly interfered in the 2016 election instead of Russia may have been originated by Russian security services. Advantage: Mr. Putin.

There seems to be a legion of Russian-leaning “comrades” at work in Congress. Their efforts to defend or deflect wrongdoing may Make Russia Great Again.

Brad Anderson