Time for Republicans to fully back Trump


Fred Upton backs the president one day and the next he’s supporting the Democrats. I feel he’s more a Democrat than a Republican. It’s time for the Republicans to start doing the job that they were elected to do, back the president of the United States. President Trump has made tremendous progress with and without their support the first two years in office. Just think what he could have accomplished with their full support.

We need the wall to help keep illegal immigrants out. If it was one of your loved ones that was killed, raped, robbed or supplied with drugs, you would push to get the wall built. With the money that the Democrats wasted investigating Trump’s relation with the Russians we could have built several walls along the border. Immigrants can enter the U.S. by going through the proper procedures. We the people need to pull together and get the job done.

Politicians keep asking for stricter gun laws. I agree that we need better background checks and smaller gun clips. I don’t hear anything about how many people are killed and injured by drunk drivers. It far outnumbers people killed with guns. What is being done to improve this situation?

Why don’t the Republicans investigate the Clinton Foundation and Hillary giving Russia our uranium and Obama giving all that money to Iran? Why do the Republicans sit back and let the Democrats walk all over us? Did they lose their backbone?

Our country in the past two years is the best I’ve seen it in my lifetime. We have enough jobs for all the people who want to work. The stock market is the best it has been. I wonder if the Democrats are benefiting from the fruits of the market? 

World relations are the best they’ve been in a long, long time.

Thank you, President Trump.

It’s time for all of us to get behind Trump and give him our support.

Fred Canfield