Upton wrong to condemn President Trump


I was outraged to learn that Congressman Fred Upton was one of the only four House Republicans who voted to condemn President Donald Trump for saying the obvious that people who hate our country should go back where they came from.

President Trump’s tweet that got the Democrats worked up enough to put forth a resolution condemning his comments was why we elected him. I find nothing offensive about it. It is actually funny and why real Republicans and Americans love him so much. Congressman Upton would rather side with left-wing, America-hating people than the people of his congressional district. Voting to condemn President Trump is a vile and despicable act and shows how out of touch Fred Upton is with his district. We love our president and support him wholeheartedly. Foreigners who get into this country and then do nothing but badmouth our history, our founding fathers and our government policies should go back to where they came from.

As a United States Air Force captain and jet pilot I worked and traveled in over 44 different foreign countries. My impression of my time in the rest of the world was that we should pull up the drawbridges and protect our country from the rest of the world. 

Fred Upton worries about the 50 or so local communists who protest in front of his St. Joseph office, and so he votes against our president to appease them. That is a huge political mistake. The people of his congressional district are not in favor of socialism and the Social Democrats. Before the Russian communists called themselves the Bolshevik Party they were known as the Social Democratic Party. The Democrats have jumped off the deep end, attempting to plunge this country into socialism, and then with their control of the media and social media they are but a small step toward making us a communist country.

Only President Trump can stop the progressives. We need a congressman who will support and help President Trump, not one like Fred Upton who will bend and bow to the left-wing America haters. It is time to remove Congressman Upton from his all-too-long reign as congressman of this American-loving Michigan congressional district. 

Martin O. Kirk

St. Joseph