I&M rate hike would hurt low-income residents


Dear Indiana & Michigan Electric and staff (Schipps, Talberg and Phillips) and representative (Al Freeman):

Last year my electric bill for the months of December, January, February and March was $575, $587, $622 and $589. Come on, man.

Indiana Michigan Power is asking for another rate increase, and this is on top of the 17.9 percent increase they got in 2018. Now they are asking for roughly a 27 percent increase, which would include monthly service fees, and the base rate would increase 19 percent. We are looking at roughly a 40 percent increase in over three years. Come on, man.

I would like for Mr. Al Freeman of the Michigan Public Service Commission and I&M and staff to take a walk with me through the neighborhood and ask the citizens (low income, middle income and down) what they think of the increases. Mr. Freeman, don't forget your charts. You will get an up close and personal feeling of how these increases affect people with a fixed income or low income. They have to adjust for prescriptions, food, rent, etc. Come on, man.

Kudos for Trustee Cathy Yates of Benton Township for sharing her personal experience with us.

George Moon

Benton Harbor