Proposed dog park too close to water


When I first learned about how to be a good environmental steward while in the outdoors, one of the lessons that I was taught was about human waste. It is filled with bacteria that, if it leached into a water supply, could contaminate that water supply. For that reason, human waste should never be disposed of within 200 feet of a body of water.

Dog waste is no different. It is a pollutant. It contains harmful bacteria that can be washed into a nearby body of water or, if left to dry, can be dispersed by a strong gust of wind.

I like dogs. I have had one for eleven years. Years ago, I helped lobby for improvements to the dog park in St. Joseph’s Kiwanis Park. I am not at all anti-dog. What I am, however, is against a dog park that will be sited within 200 feet of a body of water, particularly one that is supposedly going to have a small craft launch where people will be entering and exiting the water. The reason being this: dog waste + water + human contact = illness.

I don’t live in Stevensville. I don’t live anywhere near Stevensville anymore. As such, my opinion might go unheeded. That said, I’m tired of seeing local governments make stupid decisions that result in negative impacts to the environment (” Stevensville dog park planned,” March 22).

I know that we live in a political era when things like clean air and clean water are considered passé, but maybe – just maybe – the Village of Stevensville and its residents should think about the potential impact of a dog park on a nearby body of water.

Jusin Bowen

Commerce Township