Dems finally exposed for spying on Trump


My last letter to the editor published on March 28 outlined how the “Russian collusion,” which we now know was manufactured, was really a product of the illegal use of government agencies by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party (DNC) and the Obama administration. They knew they could not initially legally spy on American citizens (members of the Trump campaign) so they used their foreign spy contacts to set up meetings with Russians and the Trump campaign under the false premise that the Russians had political dirt on candidate Hillary Clinton.

They then illegally leaked the contents of those meetings to the media and then used those news reports along with the so-called Steele dossier – which was concocted by British spy Christopher Steele, who was bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Obama administration’s FBI, and which contained false Russian disinformation on Trump – to support their Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) applications. The attempt was to first try to defeat Trump in the 2016 election. When that failed, they continued to spy on President-elect Trump during the transition and early days of his administration in order to thwart his ability to govern and attempt to remove him at some point from office.

The Obama administration began to illegally spy on potential Republican candidates four years prior to the 2016 presidential election as outlined in a FISA court investigation by using non-government sub-contractors who illegally searched the National Security Administration (NSA) Utah Data Center records where they record the phone numbers American citizens call from inside the U.S. The NSA also collects most email, instant messages, social media postings, websites visited and online purchases of American citizens. Thankfully, Obama’s National Security Administration Director Admiral Mike Rogers found out and immediately shut down all outside-contractor access.

Later in 2016, NSA Director Rogers discovered the Obama administration was spying on then President-elect Trump and on the morning of Nov. 17, 2016, Rogers met with Trump in the Trump Tower in New York and disclosed to Trump the spying activity of the Obama administration. The following morning Trump moved his transition team to a secure site at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey, and while Trump mischaracterized the Obama administrations actions as “wire-tapping,” the spying nonetheless did occur.

Very soon we will see top members of the Obama administration being held accountable for their illegal actions.

Scott Dennison

St. Joseph