Care at Lakeland worth writing about


I’m turning 51 years old this month and have been reading The Herald-Palladium for at least the past 25 years. The Letters to the Editor is one of my favorite sections. I’ve thought about writing in to air my opinion on several issues in the past, but my thoughts never made it to paper.

On Tuesday night, July 30, my wife, DeAnn, had a seizure in our home. I called 911 and her parents. A male EMT and a female EMT arrived quickly and calmed the situation. They told me their names, but I cannot recall them, so I hope they read this column and can receive my heartfelt thank you!

We got to the emergency room at Lakeland and were met by the most comforting, kind and professional staff. I do remember Dr. Schultz and Lynette Dillon’s names, but there were a lot of others who cared for her as she had a second seizure in that room. When she was stabilized enough, we were transported to her hospital room and once again encountered helpful and smiling staff. From the young man in charge of transporting patients, the assistant, the RNs on duty, even the radiology and EEG technicians were the utmost professionals, all while making us feel safe and comfortable. Our RNs were fantastic and we will not forget Brenda, because I swear we must be related to her – it was like she grew up with us.

My wife, who is fine and healthy now, would like to thank all the personnel at Lakeland one more time. Thank you!

I’m so glad my first time writing a letter is a positive response to the great treatment we received. If you are unfortunate enough to need medical assistance in our area, I hope you run into the same crew at the hospital that we had. You will be in great hands.

Chris Blakeman

Berrien Springs