County parks are a treasure worth supporting


I don’t remember the last time I went to, or used, a county park. But I wholeheartedly support a tax increase – even more than suggested as it is a minor amount for most.

Dave Abbey

Royalton Township

Get the word out: Municipal Band is a treat


Though a spectacular-weather day, it surprised me that more listeners were not in attendance at the St. Joseph Municipal Band Concert on Sunday.

Also surprising – that there was no announcement ahead of Dorothy Trachte’s scheduled performance – conducting the band while they played her own composed patriotic-themed march.

Because Dorothy Trachte is well-known in our community for her many involvements, it seems like a lost opportunity for many who may have wished to have been there.

I bet the band members feel rewarded for their efforts seeing large numbers attending.

Let’s get the word out ahead; fill the band shell.

June Rollinger

St. Joseph