Trump shows little regard for Constitution


So Trump thinks his base might “demand that I stay longer” as president after his term is done. Never mind the existence of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution which limits a presidency to two terms, and he has not even been re-elected to this second. Again, given the recent moves of Trump during his first term, that document does not mean much to him.

If we look at his approval ratings over his first term, it has bounced around between a low of 35 percent and high 46 percent. I see no huge demand in those numbers. I did not hear any of his predecessors talk such trash as Obama left office with a 59 percent rating, Clinton 66, GHW Bush 63 and certainly not W Bush with 34!

No, we should view such talk by this president with the same distain as we view his willingness to consider taking “dirt” on a contending candidate from a representative of a foreign nation; a distain that include a complete disregard of the rule of law and his continuing attacks on guarantees of First Amendment rights of the free press. This is yet another example of something our “train wreck” of a president has dreamed up to stoke up his base, rather than provide the governance we expect from the president of the United States.

My suggestion to Trump’s supporters when it is time for him to leave office whether through election or term limits is to simply do as those supporting presidents preceding him, be happy and proud they live in a county where peaceful transitions between presidential terms are the norm.

Ed Shaffer