The worse Trump gets, the more GOP likes him


In retrospect, “Tricky Dick” Nixon is beginning to look good, and even “W” Bush, the village idiot, seems almost presidential compared to what we have now. How do Republicans do it? I guess it’s not so hard to figure out when you consider the likes of Sens. McConnell and Graham being in charge of – what? Gnawing away at the Constitution while everyone in the White House is either abandoning the sinking ship or being marched off to the hoosegow.

The Founders did make some provisions for the possibility of a president exceeding his authority or committing a crime, but it appears they never anticipated one going barking mad and running amok like Donald Trump. And the more infantile, destructive and dangerous he becomes, the more Republicans seem to like him. How can that be? Apparently they believe that even though he goes a little too far now and then, he is doing some “good things,” although they are a little vague about just what those good things are. As nearly as I can tell, the meaner, more cruel, hawkish, racist, xenophobic, sexist and homophobic his “policies” are, the better. Welcome to America!

Out-of-work coal miners can’t wait to go back down those black holes, farmers love to see their grain rotting in silos, factory workers are thrilled to see their safety regulations and compensation disappearing, military families are delighted that their sons and daughters are in the hands of a draft-dodging, war mongering egomaniac, minimum wage earners are happy that billionaires don’t have to pay taxes, the elderly are comforted by the obscene profits pharmaceutical and insurance companies are making from their retirement funds and victims of hurricanes, floods and forest fires are reassured to know that climate change and global warming are a hoax. Again, welcome to America.

Scott Elliott

Benton Harbor

The real collusion was done by Democrats


President Trump wins again! Hillary/Putin Collusion-crats lose again! Democrat/Russian collusion historically defines the Democratic Party.

Socialism was an 1820s European evil political philosophy to demolish free market economics, freedom and liberty. Designers: Germans Marx and Engels. Result: Lenin, Stalin, Chavez, Maduro. Ignorant admirers: American Democratic Party. American Socialist Party leaders Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas were presidential candidates 10 times from 1904 to 1948. By 1950 the party joined the Democratic Party, America’s real Russian socialism party. Result: continued Democrat/Russian collusion.

In 2010 Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and Canadian company Uranium One funneled 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Putin with $145 million deposited into the Clinton Foundation. Democrat/Russian collusion! In 2011, tens of thousands of top classified State Department national defense documents were discovered on Hillary’s private email server for enemy surveillance. That episode is “aiding and abetting” enemies (Russia). It was treason and Democrat/Russian collusion.

In early 2016 Hillary paid $5 million to manufacture the Russian dossier lie of Trump/Russian collusion. It was Democrat/Russian collusion treason, American history’s biggest political crime. The mission: frame candidate Donal Trump, erase Hillary’s felony operations, manufacture a Hillary presidency.

The failed criminal conspiracy FISA Court spying operation by top-tier FBI-DOJ officials to defeat candidate Trump necessitated Robert Mueller’s hoax “investigation.” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and corrupt Mueller knew Trump/Russian collusion was a hoax, yet conspired against America/Trump for 22 months. Democrat/Russian collusion!

Counter-intelligence investigations do not specify crimes or names. Mueller knew Trump was exempt from any charge. Trump was a political target only.

Mueller’s 40 FBI agent, 18 Democratic lawyer snake-oil team was part 3 of the Hillary-DNC-FBI-DOJ coup d’etat (a political move to overthrow existing government by force).

Democrat/Russian DNC, FBI, DOJ, CIA collusionists Obama, Hillary, Rosenstein, McCabe, Weissman, Comey, Simpson, Steele, Strzok, Page, B. Ohr, N. Ohr, Lynch, Clapper, Yates, Brennan, Mueller and evil media liars deserve indictments, convictions and punishment. Government instituted presidential election nullification is coup d’etat treason.

With many congressional criminal referrals, Michael Horowitz’s inspector general report and FISA Court Democratic spy warrants in Attorney General William Barr’s jurisdiction, he can prosecute those Democrat/Russian collusionists. Boomerang!

The greatest president of the modern era (1913-2019) occupies the White House. President Trump is a world champion chess whiz demolishing Democratic amateur checkers players. Trump’s candidacy began 46 months ago. Democratic media liars have tried to destroy him five times a day. Current score: Triumphant Trump 6,950, media, 0.

What is stupidity? Democrats believing Russia wanted capitalist Trump in the White House. Socialist Marxist Communist Putin wanted Socialist Marxist Communist Hillary. Putin slam dunked amateur Obama for eight years. Hillary was an automatic slam dunk.

Al Prillwitz

Berrien Springs

Added bike lane on M-63 a huge benefit


One of the jewels of Southwest Michigan is the 20-mile stretch of M-63/Blue Star Highway, from the 10th hole at Harbor Shores to South Haven. The landscape is beautiful, the hills are challenging, and as a bicyclist, it’s always been a joy to ride.

The bike lanes that were added a few years ago provide us all with a safety feature that has made the road very popular for those who love the sport. So, I would like to thank the Hagar Township Board and the Berrien County Road Department for repaving the 1.2 mile section north of Hagar Shore Road, with an added bike lane. That portion of the highway sees hundreds of bikers each weekend and was always the most dangerous part of the ride.

I recognize the pressure placed on our road department, and the limited resources of township government, and want you to know how much we appreciate the work you’ve done on our behalf.

Mark Frank

Lincoln Township