Real collusion was done by Democrats


We now know there was no Trump/Russian collusion, however, it was actually just the opposite. Evidence now proves Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama administration were colluding with the Russians!

Government investigators have documented proof the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama administration used their foreign connections to set up meetings between their Russian contacts and the Trump campaign under the false premise they had negative campaign information about Hillary Clinton when in fact they did not. At the same time they also illegally used the powers of the federal government to spy on those meetings by illegally leaking that information to the media and used those press reports to support their false and illegal applications to the FISA courts to continue to spy on the Trump campaign.

Government investigators have determined the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, the DOJ as well as other members of the Obama administration colluded with Russians by funding and purchasing Russian disinformation in order to spy, disrupt and defeat the Trump campaign, disrupt the Trump transition by illegally spying and leaking false information and that they continued to do so into the Trump presidency.

Investigators also have testimony under penalty of perjury that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired the law firm of Perkins/Coie who hired Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS who employed Nellie Ohr who is fluent in the Russian language who had also recently worked with the CIA and also just happens to be the wife of senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr’s failure to disclose this vital detail may have led to Bruce Ohr’s demotion at the Department of Justice. Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr began performing opposition research on then candidate Trump for the Clinton Campaign by also hiring former ex-British spy Christopher Steele based on his previous work with the FBI. Documented evidence that the dossier Christopher Steele put together and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign was based on false information from his Russian sources. Steele has also testified in a British court that even he didn’t know if the information in the dossier was true. Steele was not only being paid by the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party, a Russian oligarch but also the FBI.

The Clinton campaign cheated socialist Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, illegally used the powers of the federal government with the assistance of the Obama administration to try to defeat an opposition political candidate and when that did not work went on to illegally thwart Trumps ability to govern.

If there is going to be equal justice then lock them up!

Scott Dennison

St. Joseph

Socialism won’t lead to better America


Are we all Socialists now?

Since Newsweek declared on its cover, “We Are All Socialists Now,” the political dialogue has been confusing. While Bernie Sanders’ philosophy is clearly Marxist – “from each according to their ability, and to each according to their need” – most Democrats said that they did not support all of his ideas. Even Obama vehemently denied being a socialist. Now, almost all Democrats are in alignment with Bernie’s policies and have gone even more radical with the “Green New Deal.”

It is understandable that one would not want to be labeled a “socialist” because the title carries some very bad karma. The collapse of Venezuela, the “socialist paradise,” the economic weakness of Argentina, Cuba and other socialistic countries has proven that socialism always fails, fails spectacularly.

Some have taken the position that they do not want to eliminate capitalism, but rather modify it to make it better. They point to Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and other European countries that have free market capitalism with high levels of welfare and public services. This is a fair point. These countries are ranked in the top 20 counties in the world as “mostly free” in the Heritage Economic Freedom Index (USA is ranked No. 12). Finland was just found to be the happiest country in world (USA is No. 19). One could say that they are capitalistic countries with very high taxes in order to pay for government controlled healthcare, education and other services for the “common good.” Would that structure make American’s happier and wealthier?

The truth is that all countries have some socialistic policies, including America. America spends over $1 trillion on social programs each year, including Social Security, Medicaid and a wide variety of welfare programs within it’s $4+ trillion budget. So, the right question is, is our country moving towards more socialism or capitalistic freedom?

During the Obama years America dropped in the Heritage Economic Freedom index down to No. 18. The Trump policies of lower tax rates and dramatically lower regulation has moved America back up to No. 12, and economic fortunes have improved commensurately. We need to increase freedom more, since more freedom means more economic growth and prosperity for all. The Democrats want to reverse this positive trend with universal healthcare, free college, guaranteed basic income, higher tax rates up to 70 percent, elimination of carbon fuels, replacement of air travel with high speed rail, elimination of cows, etc.

If these policies were implemented, America would cease to be mostly free economically because we would need a much bigger government to force us to adhere to the new rules. The decline of America economically would be guaranteed, which is not for the “common good” but as Churchill said “equal sharing of miseries.” For example, Finland’s government just collapsed as it’s national healthcare program is insolvent ... they cannot be “happy” with that!

The Left’s trust in big government bureaucracy is a mystery. Maybe it is that socialism is really not about fairness, but central control by the elites?

Are we all socialists now?

Harry Burritt