Trump is in way over his head


On Jan. 29, the key leaders of the U.S. intelligence agencies testified in a public session before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Their testimony was televised and 42 pages of written testimony were submitted.

In their testimony, these leaders contradicted President Trump in regard to many areas of national security, including North Korea, ISIS, Russia and the southern border.

President Trump’s initial response to the Jan. 29 testimony was to insult the intelligence leaders by calling them “passive and naive,” labeling their assessments as “wrong” and saying that “intelligence should go back to school!”

The next day, however, following a meeting with these officials, Trump claimed that there really is not any difference of opinion between him and his intelligence team, but that the “evil press” had misrepresented the facts.

The truth is that Trump is misrepresenting the facts, as he so often does. The testimony of the intelligence officials was televised – what they said is public knowledge. None of them have retracted or changed their testimony, which clearly contradicted many of Trump’s assertions. Nonetheless, Trump now claims that there are no differences.

The information presented to the committee was 42 pages of written testimony. It is obvious that the president did not read the document, or if he did, he did not understand the content.

This episode is one more example of Donald Trump’s incompetence and chronic misrepresentation of the truth.

The gap between Trump and the intelligence directors he appointed with the approval of the Senate presents an ugly, dangerous picture, demonstrating that this president is in way over his head and refuses to listen to the people who are charged with keeping our country safe.

It is up to Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, to exercise the power given to them by the Constitution to stop this irresponsible, “hip-shooting” president from further damaging our nation’s security.

Don Holmes