Trump hypocrisy on display with recent tantrum


If you’re trying to understand President Trump’s attacks on the patriotism of four minority U.S. congresswomen and trying to order them to “go back to where they came from” – just remember that in legitimate democratic elections each one of them actually got more votes than their opponents (contrary to the crybaby loser in the White House who lost the popular vote) and they won without depending on persistent coordinated help from our most dangerous foreign adversary, President Putin of Russia.

Three of these women were born in the United States, and all of them are U.S. citizens. As such, they advocated improved health care, racial and ethnic equality, reduced income inequality with a $15 minimum wage, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to reduce climate change and create better jobs – all policies that Trump ignores. Nonetheless, Trump urged them to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they come.”

It also magnifies Trump’s racist hypocrisy that Ms. Omar of Minnesota, a minority congresswoman he attacked by name, has been a naturalized citizen longer than his wife, Melania. Has Melania been unhappy often enough that Trump told her to go back to Slovenia?

John Young

Union Pier

Corruption at the top knows no boundaries


Southwest Key is one of the companies hired by the current administration to house the children at the border. They are the nonprofit selected because they were the “best.”

We all remember that 45 “knows all the best people” (see: Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Putin, Epstein, Acosta, Stormy, plus remainder of crime family). This selection as “the best” charges $720 per day for each child, and every day collects millions from our taxes. Southwest Key and the other “best” providers are short of funds and cannot afford soap nor toothpaste for all the children. They might be short of funds and they are non-profit, because they SHOW no profit. The CEO made $3.6 million, the CFO made $2.4 million and vice presidents (four) all made over $1 million, including the CEO’s wife.

They certainly have added to the ever expanding swamp that includes oil lobbyists in charge of land management and bankers in charge of themselves. This week the administration decided to reduce oversight of atomic reactors, and this follows allowing airlines to police their own maintenance. While 45 defies Supreme Court orders and clearly obstructs justice, we all watch this destruction of our country, then we check our accounts to see if this is acceptable as if the economy (saved before this country fell into Putin’s control) makes us all feel a little cleaner.

This all takes our eye from the prize – 2020 election. We seem to have completed little to nothing in response to Russian or other interference. Mitch McConnell sits on everything and stops all Senate action – except for conservative judge appointees, while we all wring our hands and hope. Mitch has been blocking progress for many years and hopefully he has only a few Senate years left as the Republicans answer to momentum.

Rep. Fred Upton showed what I hope becomes a habit – cooperation with other side and open-eyed look at the facts. Thank you, Rep. Upton.

William Sullivan

St. Joseph

Make no mistake, there is no reversing diabetes


Would somebody please tell Jacqueline Schmidt (”Vegan diet good for you and the environment,” Letters), that despite eating vegan diets, diabetes cannot be reversed.

Those of us with type 1 diabetes will never “outgrow” or have our condition be reversed by eating a vegan diet. I know more than a few type 1 diabetics who are vegan, and they still need daily insulin injections or use of an insulin pump. When the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed by the body’s own immune system, they don’t magically grow back because of the items you place in your digestive system.

I myself have been a type 1 diabetic for nearly 40 years. If a vegan diet was a legitimate cure, don’t you think I would have tried that by now? Also, as a note, cinnamon and cucumber juice do not cure diabetes, either. Please learn the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, which covers most of us, and realize there are even more types of diabetes. There is a difference and when people generalize by saying that our condition is reversible, it is an offensive and uninformed statement from somebody who has no idea.

And just because your grandma had it or your cat has it doesn’t make you an expert on the subject, either.

Dave Wolf

St. Joseph