Trump’s dirty tricks are catching up to him


This is not a joke: a solid gold toilet worth millions was recently stolen from an English palace. In pursuing the thieves, Scotland Yard has several leads, but I myself am absolutely convinced that Donald Trump is responsible for the theft, or at least colluded in it. He is known to have a penchant for gold; even gold bathroom fixtures. I have heard he has had some installed in his private quarters in the White House – at taxpayers’ expense, no doubt. If anyone thinks this is an outlandish unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, you must admit that it pales in comparison to the preposterous claims Trump and his Republican toadies have been hurling at their perceived enemies for the past three years. No accusation of malfeasance or wrongdoing against their critics is too crazy for them. No trick or lie is too dirty for them even when it puts the security of their own country in grave danger.

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, Roy Cohn, who was arguably the most infamous shyster in American history, was Trump’s close friend and mentor. Since then, Trump has always had at his side a “fixer” whose only necessary qualification is to have almost as few scruples as Donald himself. Michael Cohen, his personal attorney for the past 14 years, is now serving a prison term for doing Trump’s bidding, among other things. Trump has been heard to bellow “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” when he needs some piece of nefarious work done. His current “consigliere” is the odious Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, who may soon be indicted and is now apparently in hiding. “Talk to Rudy” has become Trump’s latest all-purpose catchphrase. When his henchmen get caught, he says he barely knows the guy, yet in return he demands absolute obeisance from them.

At the conclusion of the televised congressional hearings on the investigation into Trump’s impeachment, we heard the powerful and profound testimony of Fiona Hill, who emigrated to the U.S. from England, and recently resigned from an important position at the National Security Council. She made it crystal clear that Trump and his Republicans are propagating Russia’s interests, not ours, in falsely claiming that Ukraine, not Russia, meddled in the 2016 election, and she begged them to stop endangering their own country. How ironic is it that this vitally important message and dire warning had to be delivered by a patriotic U.S. citizen who also happens to be an immigrant?

Probably just for the sake of variety, news articles are now often using the word “canard” to describe a hoax, or fabrication. Or as Trump calls it – “fake news.” As the 18th century is known as the age of enlightenment, the 21st century may well be remembered as the age of fake news. “Canard” also means “duck” in French. So remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s a Republican!

Scott Elliott

Benton Harbor

Church continues to be a healing place


This is in response to the letter to the editor by Anthony Marsala (“Writer should practice what he preaches,” Nov. 23) in response to my recent column (“Truth is hiding in plain sight,” HP Opinion Maker, Oct. 30). I will go point by point.

When you are limited by column length, you sometime have to omit what you consider obvious. Point one. The House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. When I said the whole Congress, to me including the Senate who has the sole power to remove a president was obvious. Impeachment is only a part of the removal process as we saw with President Clinton.

Point two: Incessant headlines? When approximately 96 percent of the news from major networks concerning President Trump is portrayed in a bad light, you do not need headlines. Look up the stats.

Point three: No leaking before election? Mr. Marsala must have been swimming in his own pee stream. Most everything in the Steele dossier was gathered before the election. The allegations were definitely leaked before the election.

As to the last part of his letter concerning the good Samaritan story I do not know what that even has to do with what I wrote. But obviously Mr. Marsala must not have ever been to the church I have attended for the past 47 years and of which I was senior pastor for 28 years. If he wants to talk about helping others and doing what the Samaritan did, I will be happy to put my and the church’s actions beside his and see who has been more like the Good Samaritan. As to bringing up the racial or color of people issue, you should have visited our church before speaking. We are and have been a multicultural, multi-racial church. We have had Mexican, British, Jamaican, Greek and other nationalities. We have a large group of good “Samaritan” Christians along with those we have brought to the inn (church) and are in the process of seeing them healed. At Apostolic Tabernacle our view is we do not see color or citizenship as issues, we only see souls. You are welcome to come help us do likewise.

Billy Long

Benton Harbor