Don’t overlook heroes all around us


I have expressed my opinion about the criminal and treasonous actions of our current administration for a long time. In my disgust I have failed to see the heroes that are so very close to me each day.

I lost a personal hero last month, as did many others, when Steve Mitchell passed. A good honest man whose word was as good as gold and a man who was so much more than just talk. He fought as hard off the field as he did on it for our community. A true hero to this day.

On a positive note, my wife and I were able to meet a new group of heroes. Strangers, unpaid volunteers, went into our smoke-filled basement looking for the heat source that had turned our home into a smoke pit. A gang of two male and two female millennials, who did not stop and ask my party affiliation nor my liberal or conservative opinion, but rather charged down into a very dangerous situation. This entire group of firefighters certainly deserve the title of “hero.”

“Thank you” is not adequate but certainly heartfelt to the St Joseph Township heroes that came to our rescue.

Please look around for your personal hero, it will help you smile. And as always, vote – democracy is a participation sport.

William Sullivan

St Joseph