Climate change letter was misleading


Mr. Jackson hit the nail right on the head about corn ethanol and the subsidies for it (or rather, for the corn industry) (“The unreported truth about climate change,” Letters, Feb. 1). People who understand climate change science, energy markets and food markets agree that ethanol subsidies should end; the few objections come largely from corn growers. This is a no-brainer.

From there, however, he delves off into promoting misunderstandings and falsehoods.

China and India are not expanding fossil fuel-fired energy at unlimited rates. While coal-fired generation is being added at a significant pace, each country is installing an ever-increasing amount of renewable energy capacity (China’s 2014 renewable energy capacity additions exceeded the entire capacity for the United States) and generate more renewable energy than any other country in the world. Each also has among some of the most ambitious targets for expanding upon renewable energy generation capacity, far exceeding those of the United States.

Regarding air conditioning, he’s once again not in the loop. Yes, global air conditioning demand is expected to skyrocket due to global warming. However, what he clearly doesn’t know is that leading that demand is demand for far more efficient (than traditional HVAC systems) geothermal, air-source and air-to-water heat pumps in Europe and Asia, where residential demand (for retrofits and new constructions) for heat pumps is more than 20 percent higher than refrigerant-based A/C, and demand for heat pumps is more than double that of refrigerant-based A/C systems. In addition, new building codes that focus on energy efficiency designs that are being implemented around the world are likely to further dampen future demand.

Regarding cars, he apparently missed the memo on China and India’s current intensive push for electric vehicles (China has the strongest EV manufacturing industry in the world) and future bans on non-electric vehicles, which will destroy the U.S. auto industry if we don’t get onboard the EV train.

His claim that environmentalists in any way support the destruction of the Amazon rain forest is the most preposterous. Environmentalists fought for and won a ban on clearing forests for sugar cane production almost a decade now. It is the current anti-environment, Trump-following president who is planning to do away with that ban, ignoring the outcries even from the Brazilian ethanol industry itself.

Justin Bowen

Commerce Township, Mich.

Liberal philosophy will lead to doom


Liberalism: A political party philosophy to promote the elimination of America’s national sovereignty, Constitution, Christianity and capitalism. Membership qualification is restricted to Democrat simpletons with no thinking ability.

Liberalism is Democrat DNA. It is a belief that no facts and truth exist. Incoherent feelings and emotions are liberals’ substitute “mentality” for real facts and truth.

When a liberal’s irrational idea feels good and stimulates their cockamamie emotions, the idea becomes fictional “fact and truth” in their mentally diseased Democrat minds.

The Democrat liberal creed: Hate America. American good is evil. Democrat evil is good. American morality is bad. American intelligence is outlawed. Democrat ignorance is mandatory.

Losers with no political knowledge and overloaded with mental laziness automatically vote Democrat. Acquiring political knowledge actually requires a learning ability not found in liberals.

The 10 planks of Democrat poster boy Karl Marx’s 1846 Communist Manifesto are deeply anchored in the Democrat Party platform. Atheist (Democrat) Karl should have added an 11th Plank stating: This Manifesto specifically designed for the American Democrat Party.

Marxism, immorality and stupidity are vital to the curriculum scam of K-12 and Marxist university indoctrination camps. It is the criminal indoctrination process that leads gullible dummies to believe the lies of Democrat ABC, CBS,NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and NPR, including the Trump/Russia lie of the ages.

The largest presidential election collusion scandal in history is the 2016 Hillary/Putin Russian Collusion scandal created in the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Fusion GPS fake dossier, Uranium One, FISA court and e-mail private server felony operations of the Hillary Hack Campaign.

The Democrat party is an America-hating mob of psychopathic Marxist’s celebrating open border invasions, millions more illegal alien criminals, terrorist protected sanctuary cities, Mexican and Central American drug smuggling cartels, sex trafficking crimes, kidnapping, rapes, murders, infectious diseases, ISIS and M-13 terrorist gang entry into America.

Why? For a permanent Democrat welfare nation. Democrats only should by law pay the yearly $200 billion-300 billion to support illegals.

DOJ and DHS statistics state the following 2018 factual numbers of illegal alien crimes on real Americans: 4,000 homicides, 30,000 sex crimes, 100,000 additional violent crimes, 60,000 monthly attempted border crossings, 70,000 narcotic deaths, the apprehension of 133,000 illegal aliens with criminal records and 2,500 aliens on the world terrorist list.

The Democrat gleeful response is to increase those numbers by eliminating police, DHS, ICE, border patrol and the military.

Race-baiting Democrats cannot construct any sentence without saying racist, bigot, diversity, inequality, Russia, collusion, white privilege, global warming, impeach, gun confiscation, evolution and transvestite.

The 50 million communist loons vying for the Democrat  presidential nomination do not collectively contain enough I.Q. to achieve (steal) one GED. Democrat primaries will be a cannibalism event to occupy their cherished Democrat Karl Marx throne.

Al Prillwitz

Berrien Springs

Good Samaritans helped in the storm


To the two gentlemen who helped me when my car was stuck in the snow (in the parking lot of JoAnn Fabrics) on Jan. 29 – a huge “Thank you!” Neither wanted any recognition, nor monetary compensation, for working in the 2-degree weather (not to mention the wind chill) that day. They were so kind, one even calling his son to help if necessary.

In these times, when there are so many problems in the world, it’s easy to become cynical and distrustful of others. But when you are the recipient of such thoughtfulness, you realize that the inherent kindness in people far outweighs the negativity that we sometimes experience. These two men are proof that humanity, and consideration for others, is alive and well!

Kay Schultz

Benton Harbor