Fireworks should be on the day we celebrate


It is 10:30 p.m. and the fireworks are over. Trouble is, it’s not July 4, but July 3. I truly would like to know the people who chose to ignore our nation’s most famous day.

If the 4th had been on a Sunday, arguably the fireworks could have been held on Saturday, so that those attending could have a day of rest before returning to work. I still wouldn’t like it, because the 4th of July is celebrated only in the USA as our proudest moment. But the 4th was on a Thursday this year and the unlikely benefit of holding the fireworks on the 3rd (by the way, before it was even dark) is a mystery to me.

Perhaps in the future we can celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24, New Years on Dec. 31 and St. Patrick’s Day on March 16.

You ruined my 4th of July for absolutely no articulable reason.

Richard Lindenfeld

St. Joseph

President Trump has America’s back


I’m writing this letter to say I am glad that we have a president who has enough sense to secure our borders. There should have been a border wall put up at the Mexico-U.S. border years ago. I think our president has shown positive leadership and has America’s back.

President Trump is a very smart businessman, which is helping our economy. Our economy is doing very well.

I’m also glad we have a president who had enough sense to put a tariff on Chinese imports. I’m sick of seeing the label “Made in China.”

Ray Clauser

Benton Harbor