BH schools won’t change unless parents do


I would like to comment and agree with Mr. Hudson’s statements regarding the Benton Harbor High School situation (“Ernie Hudson supports cast, BHHS in ‘Exit Strategy’,” Nov. 18). I graduated in 1965 from John Marshall Harlan High School on Chicago’s south side in the West Chesterfield neighborhood.

First you must understand in the ’60s there were race riots in Chicago at Fenger High School and Curtis High where we were to attend after we graduated from elementary school. Our parents refused to send their precious black children to those schools and they fought the Chicago Board of Education and won a suit to have a school built especially for us because they were very much involved in our education starting in elementary school and they had an organization called the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) which met regularly and it made a difference in the relationships with the students, parents and teachers.

It takes a village to raise a child and we had a strong village that raised us. In fact, teachers were anxious to be selected to teach students at this school that their parents fought to have built and they became our extended family. Teachers let us drive their cars to go to the new Burger King to get sandwiches and invited some of us to their weddings, because many of the teachers had just graduated from college.

The moral to this story is, all the committees in the world cannot put Benton Harbor High School back together again, and unless the parents and community take a stand for the children, who may be children themselves raising children, nothing will change and the school will have challenges to survive. Like Ernie Hudson said, we have talked about this same issue for 20 years and nothing has changed.

At our school we were not having babies because that was not acceptable. We were all going to college, trade schools or getting a job. Also, we had a dress code. Girls did not wear pants, and only in gym could we wear gym shoes.

Today our high school has graduated more Chicago judges than any other high school in the U.S. But with time all things change, and because we were so successful and lived in the community they opened the school to anybody, so the new breed did not live in the community and did not take the pride we had for our neighborhood and things drastically changed. But we have an alumni association that supports music and the arts at the school and also provides money, books and help for students who need it to keep the tradition as best we can for the students at John Marshall Harlan High School, which is named after a judge.

We have career days when alumni come back to the school to encourage the students to succeed and talk about their life and careers and hopefully the powers that be will implentment a plan that has solunitons to the challenges and not just talk about them.

Florencia Madden

Benton Harbor

Chaos in the Capitol


My commitment to be always an independent voter, looking for the best person and seeking useful policies, has been sorely taxed by the performance of the Democrat Party the past three years. They’ve been intent on nullifying the election even before Donald Trump was inaugurated. Washington Post editorialized demanding impeachment on inauguration day.

They told us time and again that because of the electoral college he could not possibly be elected. When they were unable to place the crown they had prepared for Hillary Clinton, they were angry beyond belief. They do not blame her for the defeat, even though she was a lousy campaigner. She assumed she was already in and has since discovered all kinds of reasons to blame on her failures, which allows her to not accept blame for not being elected.

I was a graduate student in Chicago in 1964 and became aware of Communist Saul Alinsky preaching his gospel. He published his formula in his book “Rules for Radicals” which was dedicated to Lucifer in 1971. Alinsky championed political immorality: the electorate sheep to be herded, lied to and manipulated so that the radical few “could change the world to what they believed in.”

Barack Obama and Hillary were acolytes. Barack taught courses urging people to adopt Alinsky’s methods. When running for the legislature in Illinois, and later when running for the U.S. Senate, Barack accused the individuals running against him of sexual immorality, too late for them to refute his allegations. Because of their allegiance to Alinsky, I could not bring myself to vote for either of them. Currently the Democrats are using one of Alinsky’s pet methods, creating chaos to block the incumbent the ability to govern.

I do not particularly care for President Trump. I will admit, however, that he has accomplished much despite the foot dragging of the entrenched hierarchy of both parties. The problems of the border could have been solved had not the Republican speaker of the House, and the Senate majority leader been jealous of him receiving any credit for progress on that front. They promised to get to that in the next session, and that fell by the wayside. The Dems have become the party of “no.” I watch the obstructionists’ resistance and see them opposing policies they supported in the past, betraying their own principles in the pursuit of power.

Without a doubt, Bill Clinton and Barack, Jack Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower got many things accomplished because of their wonderful personalities and ability to lead. My favorite Democrat, Harry Truman, had an abrasive personality. He persevered to accomplish mountains. He and Speaker Sam Rayburn thought it not wrong to work with Republican Senator Arthur Vandenburg of Michigan to rescue Europe with the Marshall Plan following the horrible World War II. How great it would be to bring back the days when somebody disagreeing with you was not your mortal enemy.

Robert Ferguson

St. Joseph