Goos deserves re-election in St. Joseph


I read with interest the Oct. 7 article about the challengers to the St. Joseph city commissioners’ race.

Although I am a resident of St. Joseph Township, I am highly invested in what happens in the government of the city of St. Joseph. I have worked in the city, my children went to school in St.Joseph, and I spend an incredible amount of time exploring the restaurants, cultural attractions and proprietors of St. Joseph. Often, when trends change, St. Joseph takes the county in a new direction and other areas soon follow.

I was most struck by a negative comment made by Susan Solon. Ms. Solon does have a past history with the St. Joseph community, but she has a vision that comes from that past, not the future that we need.

Mayor Pro Tem Laura Goos is a great example of one of the new commissioners who brought to her work a human resources background and a wide variety of community service in her past experiences. She quickly became comfortable in her new role and came prepared to listen, learn and lead on important issues. She co-sponsored the St. Joseph Sustainability Committee and has since been awarded recognition from the Michigan Green Communities for her efforts. She is fiscally responsible and has carefully assessed the budgeting and spending of the commission as a whole to maintain spending within the budget. And finally, we have Ms. Goos to thank for her bold steps in initiating the Non-discrimination Ordinance – the only one of its kind in the tri-county area.

Laura does her homework and her own research on topics. She looks inside and outside of Berrien County for solutions for the city. She regularly meets with constituents and brings their issues back to the discussions at City Hall. She has established herself as a good commissioner with the potential for becoming a great commissioner. I urge my friends and neighbors in St. Joseph to cast their vote to re-elect Laura Goos on Nov. 5.

Audrey Lester

St. Joseph

Solon’s experience will serve city well


St. Joseph is fortunate to have many candidates wishing to serve on our City Commission. Of the newcomers, Susan Solon stands out as the most experienced with more than 20 years of service at St. Joseph City Hall as communications and marketing director, and the director of our Downtown Development Authority. Ms. Solon also served as director of member services for the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber.

During her tenure, Ms. Solon gained face-to-face knowledge of our citizen’s wants and needs. She attended more than 350 city commission meetings. As the editor of The City Connection newsletter, the annual city calendar, and website management, she proved herself to be an excellent communicator.

I’ve worked with Susan Solon on several city projects; she is highly qualified and passionate about St. Joseph’s past and future. She knows how important balance is to our residents and businesses. A vote for Susan Solon is a vote for continued success in St. Joseph.

Kathy Zerler

St. Joseph

Trump’s move in Syria could lead to disaster


Donald Trump says he wants to reinforce his wall along the Mexican border with a moat filled with alligators and snakes. Brilliant! I’m sure most of his supporters will think this is a very sensible plan, and the few that may find it a bit wacky can just chalk it up to “fake news.” Either way, Trump wins again.

And where does he get all those amphibious reptiles? You guessed it – from draining the swamp, naturally. Needless to say, of course, he is replenishing it even faster with creatures from the primal sludge (where does he find them?), who are even slimier and more reptilian than their predecessors. Rudy Giuliani?

But now, in his “great and unmatched wisdom,” as he himself puts it, Trump may have just lit the match that will start the next, and maybe the last worldwide conflagration. By abandoning our Kurdish allies to the Turks in Syria, which he did all by himself without consulting anyone in our military or among U.S. allies, he has created an unimaginably dangerous and destructive situation in the Middle East. His incoherent babbling about it is an indication that it is beginning to dawn on him that he has made a big mistake, but can’t quite comprehend its potential magnitude, let alone the staggering moral bankruptcy and utter idiocy of his action.

Trump is insane. But so must be the cowering rodents infesting our government who are in a position to do something to help stop him but are apparently afraid to act. Republicans.

Rats are smart enough to know when it’s time to abandon a sinking ship, but Republicans seem to prefer to act more like lemmings following their leader off a cliff. Frankly, I would say let them, if it weren’t for the inescapable fact that they would be taking the rest of us with them. If you think this is all unbelievable, or wildly exaggerated, all I can say is I fervently hope you are right.

As for me, I think I’ll open a good bottle of wine and watch an old movie. Remember that film “On the Beach” where Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner are in Australia waiting for the end of the world after the nuclear holocaust to the strains of “Waltzing Matilda”? My favorite scene is in a gentleman’s club in Melbourne. One of the members, an old codger like me, is reproaching the wine steward for wasting the club’s money by stocking more Port wine than they can possibly drink in the time left. Oh, and then there is the final frame in the film showing an empty, windblown street with a tattered Salvation Army banner that reads: “THERE IS STILL TIME ... BROTHER!”

Scott Elliott

Benton Harbor

Thank you for supporting literacy


The Three Oaks Library Friends wish to thank The Pokagon Fund for the grant that allowed them to recently purchase four Little Free Libraries. They have been placed in Dillard Park (corner of Walnut and Cherry Streets), Dewey Cannon Park (on Maple Street), behind the library building, and at Watkins Park near the entrance to Timbertown (behind Harding’s). The Three Oaks Library Friends are thrilled to have a local partner that puts such a high value on literacy.

The Friends have gladly taken over the maintenance and upkeep of the current Little Free Library at the Community Garden. All five of the Little Free Libraries are stocked with a variety of books to appeal to all ages. The Friends also wish to thank The Rotary Club of Harbor Country, especially Brendan Wagner, for all the work installing the units. Thank you to Mike Greene, our village manager, for his assistance in making sure everything was where it needed to be. And finally, another great big thank you to The Pokagon Fund for making it all possible! 

It is the Friends’ hope that everyone will stop by a Little Free Library and take a book or leave a book.

Happy reading.

Cheryl Kersey


Three Oaks Township Public Library

Liji will bring much to South Haven council


I’m writing in support of Liji Hanny for city council in South Haven.

Liji is a great father and husband. He dedicates himself to community service. Liji has been a member of the South Haven community for 15 years. He is active in local sports as a coach for young boys basketball, soccer and baseball.

Liji is committed to improving the community. He is especially dedicated to improving the opportunities for young people. This is evidenced in his work at the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor. He has worked with council members to advocate for needed local improvements. Liji will be a great contributor to the South Haven City Council. We are proud to have Liji as a son-in-law and father of our grandchildren.

Frank Yanik

South Haven