The House is legislating, the Senate is obstructing


Donald Trump recently claimed that the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is “getting nothing done.” Like so much that Trump says, this is simply not true!

Since the Democrats took control in January, the House has passed 235 bills and resolutions. The bills passed by the House address a large number of important issues, including: election security, ethics in government, disaster relief, retirement security, consumer financial protection, increasing veterans’ financial security, reducing veteran suicides, improving veteran’s health care, supporting veterans in STEM careers, increasing veterans’ access to child care, lowering prescription drug costs, protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions, child abuse prevention and treatment, preventing violence against women, enhancing background checks for gun purchases, improving homeland security at the local level, supporting NATO, rejecting white nationalism and white supremacy, combatting antisemitism and antimuslim discrimination, and protecting the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

In marked contrast to the vigorous legislative activity in the House, the Senate has been almost completely inactive. The majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and his Republican enablers, have refused to allow the vast majority of the bills passed by the House to be considered by the Senate. Instead of upholding their constitutionally mandated responsibilities, McConnell and the other Senate Republicans are undermining our democratic republic.

It is the responsibility of both chambers of Congress to legislate. The House is doing so, the Senate is not.

Our democracy is under attack by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. It is up to us to make sure that we can survive the assault and move forward in a positive direction.

In 2020, we the voters can change the status quo by electing Democrats to the Senate and by electing a Democratic president.

Sandy Feldman