No need to fear marijuana users

Editor, Take a good look at the line outside the Niles marijuana store. These are the people who community leaders fear, police arrest for possession, and employers reject or fire for preferring the “human catnip” for relaxation. There they stand, with cash in their pockets, orderly and respectfully waiting their turn in line, risking great exposure if it had been a gun-free state or zone, that most likely work somewhere that wasn’t random drug testing. They could be professional, educated, law-abiding and wise to relax with a God-given herb. Far healthier and safer than the devil’s distillates or man’s concentrated, crystallized concentrates of chemicals. Should they wear a letter “M” on their forehead so they don’t loiter or spend their money in our community? Just why are they banned and why would you drug test and ban them from employment for a personal choice? CDS? Cannabis Derangement Syndrome 50 years after it’s introduction on campuses all across America? A God-given gift? A cane plant for mankind to “satisfy all human needs” – cannabis sativa. We have a symbiotic relationship with cannabis, yet the devil demands we pay his price and satisfy his conditions in order to utilize it? How evil! Terry Edwards Benton Harbor