Trump needs to be removed from office

Editor, Al Capone was a vicious, brutal, ruthless criminal who wreaked havoc on the people of Chicago during Prohibition. Yet many regarded him as a hero, even on his weekend getaways to Benton Harbor where he was treated as a celebrity. Politicians were so cozy with him that he even had a villa in Florida adjoining one owned by the mayor of Chicago. Bernie Madoff swindled private investors, many of whom considered themselves close friends, charities and other organizations out of tens of billions of dollars. It must have taken a certain kind of brilliance to pull off such a feat, but now that he’s safely tucked away in prison few would argue that he must have more than a few screws loose, to put it mildly. Both of these sociopaths eventually went to prison, but not necessarily for the worst crimes they committed. In Capone’s case it was for income tax evasion; arguably among the least of his offenses. But it worked, and brought an end to his ability to menace society. Now we have the phenomenon of another sociopath, Donald J. Trump, who on an infinitely grander scale is smashing and trampling everything in his path like an enraged Godzilla. No matter what it takes, he must be stopped. That is, within the boundaries of the law and civil order, even though they are two of the things whose meaning Trump has all but obliterated. If impeaching him for abuse of power, as serious and dangerous as it is – and it is, may not be the worst of his offenses, if it results in his removal from office as soon as possible, then so be it. Tragically, and unbelievably, he will probably survive due to the cowardice and dishonesty of as few as four Republican senators who are willing to betray their country and their oaths of office in order to save their jobs. So remember, when the Senate acquits Trump and he gets re-elected, and when everything around you starts to crumble and disintegrate, you will at least have something to tell your grandchildren. What will yours be? “So what?” “Get over it!” “What about Benghazi?” “It was the economy, stupid!” “It was all Hunter Biden’s fault.” “ Talk to Rudy.” “I was only following orders.” Or, “We didn’t know.” Take your pick, because by then it won’t matter. Scott Elliott Benton Harbor