What do you do when life is not fair? The way you answer that question will show a lot of your character or lack thereof. Life has a way of kicking each of us at times. Just as you think things are getting better, things get worse. Just as you feel you finally have some answers, the questions change. Just as you feel you have mastered a skill, the course of life changes. How you respond to the unexpected or your seeming ability to right the wrongs that have hit you will determine if you are happy in life or become bitter and vengeful.

We see wrong reactions on display every day. There are those who truly suffer from tragedies and wrong treatment and should be helped to work through their legitimate feelings. Our veterans who come home with disabilities, scenes of horror from war, changed family dynamics or other feelings exacerbated by circumstances beyond their control need emotional support as well as physical support. Others who have faced betrayal in situations where they should have been safe and secure and loved have a very difficult time learning to trust. They also need emotional and physical support.

Billy P. Long of Benton Harbor has resided in the area since 1972. He is pastor of the Apostolic Tabernacle in Benton Township.