Words matter. Truth matters. Black lives matter. Honesty in communication matters. Independent thinking rather than parroting others matters. And admitting we are not always right matters – if one wants to live in some semblance of peace.

The controversy over reshaping funding for police systems, given the stories and videos of atrocities gone viral over recent months, demands attention. For decades educational practices and educators have been demonized by the public for failing to educate all children effectively in all situations while evidence of unwarranted murderous behavior on the part of too many blue-clad keepers of the peace across the nation shouts for police reform. In spite of this honest outrage, a huge counter-protest on social media against any such action is now underway as if police can do no wrong.

Melinda Stibal lives in Coloma. Her email address is: 2mstibals@comcast.net.