My father moved into assisted living a few months ago, and now that he has help with the day-to-day tasks, he is listening to news and then asking me what I think about political and social issues. He turned 90 on Feb 24. His mind is as aware and sharp as it has ever been and his interest in discussing these things has increased.

In early January, he asked about the problems at our southern border. As dad was hearing it, the border problems are all President Joe Biden’s fault. But I remember that, a few years ago, other news sources said they were all President Donald Trump’s fault. This back and forth on basically the same problem makes it easy to conclude that news is politically biased. His news source was calling the immigrants nasty names and attributing only sinister motives. That made it easier for Dad to think similar thoughts. I think it’s ironic that this news organization’s previous slogan was, “We report. You decide.” I thought, what would that look like?

Joe Hanchey is a retired global engineering manager and lives in St. Joseph with Ginger Hanchey. Email: