To the editor,

We need bold steps to successfully rebuild our country's economy coming out of the pandemic. Some immediate actions include modernizing our electricity grid, increasing our use of clean energy, and boosting clean transportation and public transit. These will create good-paying jobs in Michigan and lower our energy costs.

That’s why I’m thankful that right now in the U.S. Senate, major climate investments are currently in negotiation. The investments being envisioned would help Americans save on their energy bills – more than $500 per year of savings.

Through tax credits and low-cost financing companies will be able to invest in more clean energy like wind, solar and battery technologies. This is part of a proven trend. In fact, the cost of solar energy dropped 90 percent in the 10 years after the last major federal investment in clean energy wind costs dropped 70 percent.

We need our elected leaders in Washington D.C. to enact policies that help to lift long-term economic growth via stronger investments in clean energy. It will save us money, secure our energy future, and make sure more people have reliable jobs that pay well.

Suzanne Steinrueck

South Haven