Van Buren Community Mental Health has been awarded a grant from Van Buren County Families Against Narcotics (FAN) chapter to help fund an outdoor billboard campaign to warn of the dangers of opioid abuse.

The FAN chapter worked with Van Buren Community Mental Health and Van Buren County Sheriff’s office to do so.

The outdoor messaging will target parents, guardians and the general public by spreading awareness on the importance of locking up and safely disposing medications and keeping medication out of the hands of youth, according to a FAN news release. Four billboards will be posted throughout Van Buren County during a four-week timespan that began on Jan. 19. The billboards have been placed on Interstate 196 near M-140 Highway, M-43 Highway near 61st Street, M-40 Highway near 38th Street and M-140 Highway near Forest Beach Road.

Unwanted prescriptions and over the counter medication can be dropped off at locations throughout Van Buren County. A list of locations can be found online by visiting VBCMH.COM and clicking on the “RED MED BOX.”

Organizations or individuals interested in receiving training on how to administer Naloxone, a drug that can help stop opioid overdose, can contact Van Buren County Mental Health Prevention Services at 269-655-3391 or email

If someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, call Van Buren Community Mental Health at 269-655-3391 or Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health at 1-800-781-0353.