DiMaggio’s Pizza captured the No. 1 spot for Best Pizza in 2021 Best of South Haven voting. The family-owned business has been serving homemade Italian dishes for the past 64 years.

COLOMA — For the past 64 years, DiMaggio’s Pizza has been a favorite place for dinner and drinks, which led to the restaurant grabbing the No. 1 slot for Best Pizza in the 2021 Best of South Haven.

While DiMaggio’s may not be considered a local restaurant by some, its menu, which is packed full of delicious home-cooked meals made from original Italian recipes, makes it worth the drive.

“We lucked out in finding this place as we were searching for a mom and pop style pizza versus the big chain types,” wrote a Facebook fan. “The pizza came hot with lots of good quality cheese and ample toppings and all three of us loved it! As we had hoped, our pizza did not taste like chain store pizza. if we are ever in this area again we will seek this place out for a return visit for sure. Two thumbs up on this hidden gem for sure.”

Now in its second generation of ownership, the DiMaggio family has continued its tradition of serving guests as if they were family, offering authentic home-cooked meals and the most original pizza for miles.

“We’re only a 10-minute drive from South Haven,” notes Izzy DiMaggio, who co-owns the restaurant with his siblings.

A devastating fire in 2019 left customers worried about the restaurant’s future, but after five months of rebuilding the entire interior, the eatery opened its doors once again, serving delicious Chicago-style pizzas, homemade lasagna, meatballs, spaghetti, Italian sandwiches and tasty burgers.

The pizzeria, like most businesses, suffered another blow in 2020 when the pandemic closed indoor dining. Fortunately, said Izzy DiMaggio, customers didn’t let that stop them.

“They all supported us – from South Haven to St. Joseph,” he said. “We only did takeout and because of the support we didn’t have any layoffs.”

Located at the crossroads of M-63, Blue Star Highway and Hagar Shore Road, DiMaggio’s is open seven days a week. Summer and winter hours vary. For more information, visit www.Dimaggiospizzaandburgers.com.