People often wonder what goes on in the minds of people dealing with dementia. An upcoming program, hosted by the Area Agency on Aging’s Campus for Creative Aging, hopes to give participants a glimpse of what it’s like for individuals cope after being diagnosed with dementia.

“A Journey Through Dementia Minds” will be presented from 3-4:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 21 at the Heritage Center, 601 Main St., in St. Joseph, or online via Zoom.

The program will be presented by eight individuals living with dementia. Utilizing brevity and humor the individuals will help participants experience the journey of living with dementia, beginning with the recognition that something is wrong, undergoing tests to confirm dementia, and coming to terms with it.

After the performance, the presenters will engage in a discussion with the audience.

“There is a growing population of persons living with dementia who are aware of their diagnosis and are speaking out,” said Amy Nichols of the Area Agency on Aging’s Campus for Creative Aging. “The goal of this event is to start to abolish the stigma associated with living with dementia, to give voice to the lived experience and advocate for full inclusion of persons living with dementia.”

To attend the free event or to register online for the Zoom program, visit or contact Amy Nichols at 269-982-7748 or by email at amynichols@areaagency