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South Haven police officers have been experiencing a busy year so far.

Statistics provided by Police Chief Natalie Thompson indicate the number of calls for service and arrests are poised to exceed those from 2021, and are on par with statistics recorded in 2019 – prior to the start of the pandemic.

“It’s been a very busy summer,” Thompson said during a mid-year report she presented to the South Haven City Council in late August. “Arrests have already exceeded last year’s numbers.”

As of July 31, police have made 236 arrests this year, exceeding all of the arrests in 2021 (227), and in 2020 when police arrested 218 people. The next highest year for arrests occurred in 2019 with 369.

Calls for service also appear to be on the rise this year. As of July 31, police have responded to 3,099 calls, compared to the entire year of 2021, when they recorded 4,042 calls; 3,946 in 2020 and 3,965 in 2019.

Citations and warnings are also on the upswing this year, due in part to the department’s efforts to step-up efforts to help people comply with traffic and zoning regulations.

South Haven police issued 913 citations and warnings in the first seven months of this year, up from 909 in 2021, 632 in 2020, and 892 in 2019.

Leading the way for this year’s citations and warnings are traffic warnings, 265; followed by parking citations, 196; traffic moving citations, 154; other warnings, 145; ordinance citations, 59; golf cart citations, 36; other citations, 39; and traffic non-moving citations, 19.

A breakdown of property and personal crimes recorded as of July 31 includes:

Personal crimes: 76 assaults, 11 sexual assaults, six non-forcible sex offenses and one homicide/manslaughter.

Property crimes: 66 instances of retail fraud, 65 calls for larceny, 32 for property damage, 20 calls for fraud, 17 burglaries, 16 on forgery/counterfeiting, 11 calls for motor vehicle crimes, three for embezzlement, and one call regarding stolen property.