In years past, people could access property parcel information by traveling to Van Buren County courthouse in Paw Paw to view parcel maps. Now, people will be able to do so on their computer or cell phones, thanks to a new mapping and parcel online site launched this week by county officials.

The new property parcel site is being provided through ArcGIF, which provides online geographic information system software. The property information site for Van Buren County can be viewed by visiting

The new site provides users with access to a range of geographic information, including property boundaries, legal descriptions and property ownership information. The site also features an interactive map of the county’s property parcels with detailed information about those locations, according to Charles Norton, interim geographic information services director for Van Buern County.

“The new parcel mapping site will be an invaluable tool for anyone looking for accurate and up-to-date information about our county,” he said.

More information about the new property mapping site can be found at https://van