Bangor soccer district title

Bangor’s varsity soccer team takes time to pose for a photo after winning their first-ever Division 4 district title. The Vikings did so by defeating Bloomingdale, 2-0 in the district final, Oct. 22.

For the first time in school history, Bangor’s varsity boys soccer team won its first district title.

The Vikings did so by defeating cross-town rival Bloomingdale, 2-0 in the Division 4 district final game, Oct. 22.

“We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the soccer team and program throughout the years and most importantly, the players for making this happen,” Vikings Coach Antonio Robles said.

Bangor got on the scoreboard in the first half courtesy of a penalty score by Rolando Muñoz.

“The game was very suspenseful during the first half,” Robles said. “As the minutes went on there was constant pressure from each team with the urge to put another tally on the scoreboard.”

After halftime, the pressure the score continued. A late cross by Jonathan Nieva gave Bangor’s Nolan Crandall the opportunity to score and give Bangor a 2-0 lead, which they kept for the remainder of the game.

Bangor traveled to Portage Central, Tuesday, for a regional semi-final matchup with Marcellus Howardsville Christian, and bowed out 4-0.

Howardsville came into the contest with an 11-2 record, while Bangor’s stood at 8-3-2.

“I am sad to see a great season come to an end,” Robles said. “The boys played a great game, unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side, a few mistakes and various missed shots, gave Marcellus Howardsville the opportunity to pass to the next round of regionals. Even though we did not make it to regional finals, we had some great accomplishments, from having a winning season to winning the first district title in Bangor history.”