SH swim Kyle Bos

Kyle Bos of South Haven swims the opening leg of the 200 freestyle relay during Tuesday's meet against Otsego.

South Haven's varsity swim team captured two first-place finishes during this past Tuesday's conference meet against Otsego, but the Bulldogs prevailed in a 115-68 finish.

"While we were disappointed about the loss we do look forward to challenging them at our conference meet coming up on Feb. 24-25 at Harper Creek," said Rams Coach Thomas Capps.

The highlight of the meet for the Rams occurred in the 400-freestyle relay event where South Haven captured the No. 1 and No. 2 spots. The Rams' Ben Meyer also captured first place in the 50-freestyle.

"The 50-freestyle was a fun race to watch, with Ben Meyer taking first place with a state cut time of 22.64," Capps said. "Kyle Bos raked in second place with a close great time of 23.78. Luke Prong came in strong with a 24.98 time taking fourth and grabbing a point for the Rams."

Results for South Haven follow:

200-yard medley relay: 2. South Haven (Sam McMillan, Eduardo Solis, Jacob Meyer, Luke Prong), 1:56.53

200-yard freestyle: 4. Sam Rose, 2:14.18; 5. Ashton Fields, 2:15.03

200-yard IM: 3. Jacob Meyer, 2:28.32; 4. Sam McMillan, 2:34.45

50-yard freestyle: 1. Ben Meyer, 22.64; 2. Kyle Bos, 23.78; 5. Luke Prong, 24.98

One-meter diving: 4. Sam Rose, 96.75

100-yard butterfly: 3. Ashton Fields, 1:10.66; 4. Carson Dissette, 1:15.98; 5. Eduardo Solis, 1:18.34

100-yard freestyle: 2. Ben Meyer, 49.91; 4. Kyle Bos, 53.39

500-yard freestyle: 3. Sam McMillan, 6:18.34; 4. Jacob Meyer, 6:31.26; 5. Cooper Olney, 7:05.05

200-yard freestyle relay: 2. South Haven (Kyle Bos, Sam Rose, Eduardo Solis, Luke Prong), 1:41.77; 3. South Haven (Ben Meyer, Jackson Grieves, Carson Dissette, Ashton Fields) 1:43.78

100-yard backstroke: 4. Jacob Bristol, 1:28.94; 5. Blake Martin, 1:29.20

100-yard breaststroke: 3. Yamil Garcia, 1:22.74; 5. Eduardo Solis, 1:28.40

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Ben Meyer, Jacob Meyer, Kyle Bos, Ashton Fields) 3:41.05; 2. South Haven (Cooper Olney, Jackson Grieves, Sam McMillan, Sam Rose), 4:28.58