South Haven’s varsity boys and girls bowling teams came home from Niles last Wednesday with two victories over Brandywine.

The boys defeated the Bobcats by the overall score of 25-5, while the girls won 21-9.

Assistant Coach Barry Skuza was pleased with the results.

“We had a good match with Brandywine,” he said.

In the boys match, the Rams won both of the regular two-series games, 898-754, 876-797, and split the baker games, narrowly losing the first one 175-171, but coming back to win the second one, 180-144.

Konnor Brugh rolled an impressive two-game series 194, 232 for a total score of 426. He was followed by Cameron Denbow, 192-195; Andrew Guthrie, 177, 190; Nic Sheppard, 182, 149; and Jared Schneider, 153, 110.

In their match against Brandywine, the Lady Rams won the two-game series with a combined score of 1,499-1,456. They won the first match, 732-686, but narrowly lost the second one by three pins, 770-767.

South Haven went on to win both baker matches, 170-166, 192-176.

Three of South Haven’s bowlers scored over 300 in the regular matches. Jazzlin Johnson rolled a 198, 155 two-game series for a combined score of 353. She was followed by Jessica Heath, 142, 205; Harlee Burrows, 173 157; Teagan Burson, 128, 157; and Kelsey Hodgman, 91, 93.

In earlier bowling action, South Haven’s varsity boys team defeated Gobles 25-5 on Feb. 18th. The Rams won the two-game series, 864-712, 782-702. They went on to win the first baker match, 156-121 and tied with the Tigers in the second one, 129-129.

Individual results follow: Andrew Guthrie, 204, 185; Konnor Brugh, 207, 153; Nic Sheppard, 173, 167; Cameron Denbow, 201, 154; and Jared Schneider, 78, 123.