South Haven's varsity boys swim team is off to a good start to the 2021-22 season.

The Rams placed third out of seven teams at the SCC relay meet at Allegan on Dec. 8, and defeated Bridgman, 101-77, this past Tuesday, in a dual meet.

"We are growing and headed in the right direction," said Rams Coach Thomas Capps. "It has taken over 6-plus years for us to get out of the rut of low numbers we have had in the past. This crew is developing great speed, and continually adding to our depth."

Otsego placed first at the SCC Relays, while Battle Creek Harper Creek came in second. The Rams followed in third; besting Sturgis, fourth; Marshall, fifth; Plainwell; sixth; and Allegan, seventh.

"All-around it was a great meet, Capps said. "South Haven came in third place, beating out multiple teams that prior to this meet, have easily beaten us."

During Tuesday's home opener meet against Bridgman, the South Haven 200-yard medley relay team won the race and  qualified for the upcoming Division 3 state meet in March with a time of 1:34.61.

The 200-yard medley team also won their race, just missing a state qualification time by 1 second per swimmer, according to Capps.

Results for South Haven from the two meets follow:

SCC Relays

400-yard medley relay: 2. South Haven (Benjamin Meyer, Jacob Florey, Luke Prong, Jacob Meyer) 4:15.47

200-yard medley relay exhibition: 6. South Haven (Jacob Bristol, Enzo Haqq, Kyle Bos, Cooper Olney) 2:30.84

800-yard freestyle relay: 5. South Haven (Samuel McMillan, Enzo Haqq, Cooper Olney, Kyle Bos) 10:22.38

400-yard medley relay: 5. South Haven (Eduardo Solis, Simon Hiatt, Ashton Fields, Benjamin Meyer) 5:08.66

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Jacob Meyer, Luke Prong, Jacob Florey, Benjamin Meyer) 1:35.69

3x100 yard butterfly relay: 4. South Haven (Samuel McMillan, Eduardo Solis, Luke Prong) 3:40.05

400-yard backstroke relay: 5. South Haven (Jacob Bristol, Cooper Olney, Enzo Haqq, Samuel McMillan) 6:19.94

400-yard breaststroke relay: 2. South Haven (Yamil Garcia, Ashton Fields, Jacob Meyer, Jacob Florey) 5:06.69

400-yard freestyle relay: 7. South Haven (Yamil Garcia, Kyle Bos, Eduardo Solis, Simon Hiatt) 4:49.52

Bridgman meet

200-yard medley relay: 1. South Haven (Benjamin Meyer, Jacob Florey, Luke Prong, Jacob Meyer) 1:50.29; 2. South Haven (Samuel McMillan, Ashton Fields, Kyle Bos, Eduardo Solis) 2:01.27

200-yard freestyle: 2. Benjamin Meyer, 2:12.01; 4. Kyle Bos, 2:25.72

200-yard IM: 2. Luke Prong, 2:35.17; 3. Ashton Fields, 2:44.86; 4. Enzo Haqq, 3:01.63

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jacob Meyer, 23.49; 2. Jacob Florey, 23.66

One-meter diving: 1. Yamil Garcia, 99.80

100-yard butterfly: 1. Kyle Bos, 1:13.61; 2. Eduardo Solis, 1:14.71; 3. Samuel McMillan, 1:15.76

100-yard freestyle: 2. Ashton Fields, 1:03.28; 5. Cooper Olney, 1:11.42

500-yard freestyle: 2. Eduardo Solis, 6:54.37; 3. Samuel McMillan, 7:04.97; 4. Enzo Haqq, 7:29.02

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Benjamin Meyer, Luke Prong, Jacob Florey, Jacob Meyer) 1:34.61

100-yard backstroke: 1. Benjamin Meyer, 1:06.89; 3. Luke Prong, 1:12.68

100-yard breaststroke: 2. Jacob Florey, 1:16.32; 3. Jacob Meyer, 1:18.97; 5. Yamil Garcia, 1:25.01

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Samuel McMillan, Cooper Olney, Eduardo Solis, Kyle Bos) 4:29.32