When South Haven’s wrestling team was forced to sit out much of their season because of efforts to halt the spread of coronavirus, Coach Brad Adamson wondered what the remainder of the season would hold for the team.

He was able to breathe a sigh of relief, Feb. 13, after the team opened its season by hosting a quadrangular meet with Lawton, Portage Northern and Wayland.

The Rams ended up defeating all three teams.

They opened the meet against Lawton and won 53-16. South Haven then went on to defeat Portage Northern, 67-12 and Wayland, 55-18.

“Overall I was very impressed with the teams performance, especially given the short amount of time – five days – we had for contact practices, in preparation,” Adamson said. “The team was led by some impressive performances by our captains – Trevor Winkel and Preston Calvert, who both had convincing wins over state-ranked opponents. We look forward to building on this start and will welcome some really tough competition over the next few weeks.”

Several of those teams include Paw Paw, Holland, Mattawan, Lakeshore, Harper Creek and Plainwell.

“A few of those teams are currently ranked in the state and have already acquired wins over other ranked opponents,” Adamson said.

Results from the Feb. 13th quad at South Haven follow:

South Haven, 53

Lawton, 16

103: Ronaldo Vergara, SH, p Victor Ruimveld 1 minute; 112: Osvaldo Vergara, SH, d. Caleb Mallory, 5-2; 119: Dustin Mallory, L, tf. Blake Hassevoort, 15-0, 0:00; 125: Blake Holder, L, tf, Corbin Fitch, 18-2 0:00; 130: Karlie Woodall, SH, won by forfeit; 135: Ray Woodall, SH, tf, J.J. Crall, tf, 21-5 5:59; 140: Jaden Hollis, SH, p. Evan Kovach, 33 seconds; 145: Jeremy Rowland, SH, d. Seth Miller, 7-2; 152: Nathan Palmer, SH, d. Dominic Pickett 8-1; 160: Trevor Winkel, SH, p. Carter Cosbly, 1:21; 171: Xander Willet, SH, d. Koby Sparks, 4-1; 189: Travis Jordan, SH, won by forfeit; 215: Preston Calvert, SH, p. Cody Miller, 22 seconds; 285: Daniel McCarthy, L, p. Felimon Saucedo, 2:50

South Haven, 67

Portage Northern, 12

112: Osvaldo Vergara, SH, p.Alyse Koss, 1:35; 119: Blake Hassevoort, SH, p. Ash Conley, 2:51; 125: Austin Walburn, PN, p. Corbin Fitch, 2:45; 130: Karlie Woodall, SH, p. Samantha Elder, 57 seconds; 135: Ray Woodall, SH, p. Riley Webster, 3:10; 140: Jaden Hollis, SH, won by forfeit; 145: Jeremy Rowland, SH, p. Drake White, 52 seconds; 152: Nathan Palmer, SH, md, Kai Williams, 9-0; 160: Trevor Winkel, SH, p. Connor Hogan, 55 seconds; 171: Xander Willet, SH, p. Jet Toepfer, 1:55; 189: Travis Jordan, SH, d. Kenyon Brock, 10-5; 215: Preston Calvert, SH, p. Kyle McMaster, 3:05; 285: Greg (Max) White, PN, p. Felimon Saucedo, 2:35; 103: Ronaldo Vergara, SH, p. Evan Stacy, 46 seconds

South Haven, 55

Wayland, 18

119: Blake Hassevoort, SH, p. Keegan Nesbit, 3:43; 125: Lucas DeWeerd, W, p. Corbin Fitch, 3:31; 130: Karlie Woodall, SH, d. Carter Nesbit, 12-7; 135: Ray Woodall, SH, d. Emmet Manning, 12-9; 140: Jaden Hollis, d. Mason Hozeska, 7-2; 145: Jeremy Rowland, SH, md. Aadon Wagner, 10-0; 152: Nathan Palmer, SH, p. Cainon Fenn, 4:17; 160: Trevor Winkel, SH, p. Dustin Loomans, 57 seconds; 171: Adam Ordway, W, p. Xander Willet, 1:02; 189: Michael Hord, W, p. Travis Jordan, 4:29; 215: Preston Calvert, SH, p. Carson Noyes, 1:37; 285: Felimon Saucedo, SH, won by forfeit; 103: Ronaldo Vergara, SH, p. Danny Keena, 1:49; 112: Osvaldo Vergara, SH, p. C.J. Karman, 39 seconds.